You’re upset Obama saluted a soldier while holding a cup?

You might have heard by now that the Republicans are beside themselves that President Obama recently saluted while holding a coffee cup.

You then might have heard that Democrats found lots of photos of President George W. Bush online, showing him making a goofy half-salute while holding his dog.

Well, my friend John Hlinko came up with the best response I’ve seen yet.

First, here’s the White House video off CoffeeGate, posted on their official Instagram account:

And here’s John’s wonderful response.


Enough said.

Also check out Dylan Byers’ brilliant piece looking at the history of the salute, and also the larger question of wtf cares.

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  • Jim Olson

    Please provide factual citations to back up your claim that President Obama is the worst president since WWII.

  • Fentwin

    More like just noticing……and laughing.

  • Madizum

    Doesnt matter, you know where to find the poll but hell the facts won’t deter you from reality…huh

  • Madizum

    Yep and one little pervert watching….truth hurts huh?

  • Fentwin

    You must feel fairly proud since you upvoted yourself, almost like public masturbation.

  • Strepsi

    I should have scrolled down and seen yours first. It’s true.

    In half their comments of outrage to the President, you can just hear the “boy” at the end of the sentence.

  • Strepsi

    Being President While Black.

  • Badgerite

    Looks like an ‘impeachable offense’ to me. (snark)

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Um… so?

  • SkippyFlipjack

    That article doesn’t mention that the current president, whomever it is, pretty much always wins any “worst president in history” poll. I don’t expect that fact to deter you, though.

  • Madizum

    He still holds the title of worst president in history since WWII and he didn’t earn than by saluting… go figure!!

  • FLL

    John’s post is about people criticizing Obama for holding a cup while saluting. Bill Perdue’s comment below is typically off-topic. Bill’s advice is: “Whatever you do don’t vote for any Democrat, any Republican or any Libertarian.” You could just as easily say: “Whatever you do, don’t kiss Bill’s ass.” Off-topic for off-topic. I think that’s fair.

  • President Obama couldn’t cough without the repubes losing their minds. Their whole strategy has always been to hammer ,deny , obstruct ,insult, and then claim he doesn’t talk to them. Filibuster, dig their heels in and then claim he doesn’t do anything. Like any other President , he has advisors who know very well how ‘the game’ works. They I am sure will tell him that if he ‘does this’ , the repubes will ‘do that. ‘ If he tries one thing , they will block it with another. This former community organizer President by now realizes that even the smallest thing he does you know , like daring to live in the White House to start with , will be met with unending hostility. And it’s worked. He is far from perfect to be sure. I can come up with many complaints. But watching the repubes put out negative news feed over a coffee cup should not be a surprise.

  • therling

    Look, he probably passes these guys probably a couple of times a week. By now it’s just a habit, one you don’t even think about before you do it, like saying “hi” in an elevator to some guy you always see.

    Should he not salute? Yes, absolutely. But then the right wing assholes would bitch about how he thinks he’s arrogant, dissing “our troops,” etc. Reagan did it to show what a great American he was while actively trashing America. It would be comic if it wasn’t tragic that our most fictional president is regarded as a “real president” by so many idiots.

  • oikos

    Correction; Saluting a soldier while holding a coffee cup AND being black.

  • Indigo

    At least Hillary would do the work involved .

  • Indigo

    Civilians pretending to be soldier-boiz is getting silly. I encourage the president to stop the practice that B movie actor president started a few decades ago, not because he was all that sensible but because it was theatrical. And I can admit, he did a good job of generating presidential theater. That’s what actors do. But Obama is not an actor, he’s a dude with a job and he needs to get busy doing the job instead of posturing.

  • doug105

    At least in part we agree,

    The atheist libertarian lie: Ayn Rand, income inequality and the fantasy of the “free market”
    Atheist libertarians pose as skeptics — except when it comes to free markets and the nature of corporate power

  • Bill_Perdue

    It’s all kind of silly and related to election year hysteria. Democrats and Republicans are rival gangs of political prostitutes and they don’t like each other.

    That dislike for each other is compounded a thousand fold in terms of their common hatred for working people, women, people of color, immigrant workers, the LGBT communities and anyone who interferes in their goal of imperial wars of aggression. They’ve gutted our standard of living since the Carter and Nixon regimes and are still at it.

    Whatever you do don’t vote for any Democrat, any Republican or any Libertarian. They’re the enemies of working people.

  • nicho

    We’re dealing with insane people. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out what motivates them.

  • Saluting in general is an antiquated and silly custom.

  • What the f*ck is wrong with these people?

  • basenjilover

    Don’t care and all I can say Obama with battered democrat syndrome brought this on himself. Spot on with Dylan Byer’s last paragraph since Obama is a raging Corporatist.

  • Sam_Handwich

    The president, any president, is a civilian. Saluting blurs that very important line, and i wish he had stopped it from day one.

  • doug105

    Uh, huh.

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