Joan Rivers has died – here are a few classic videos

Comedienne Joan Rivers died today. She was 81.

Rather than belabor how much I’ve adored JoanĀ since I was a kid, here are some classic vids and other tidbits.

Joan’s hysterical monologue from 1982:

The time Joan Rivers did an AIDS fundraiser in 1984, before it was cool:


Gay journalist Karen Ocamb sent me this photo of Joan Rivers featured on the cover of Frontiers Magazine promoting an AIDS fundraiser at Studio One in March 1984 that raised $45,000 for APLA, L.A. Shanti and Aid for AIDS.

A collection of the best of Joan Rivers, starting with her 1967 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Look at how young she was!

Joan Rivers on the Johnny Carson show in 1986:

The time Joan decided to film her daughter Melissa in the shower:

The time Joan Rivers dropped the f-bomb when an interviewer took a pot-shot at her daughter (and good for Joan).

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