Russia’s a big bottom

Well isn’t this queer. Vladimir Putin’s oh-so-Christian Russia leads the world in online searches for videos about anal sex.

The video porn site Pornhub did an analysis of who searched for which videos on its site, broken down by country and type of video, and what do you know — Russia came out on top of the bottoms.

All of this is especially ironic as Russian President Putin has been on a bit of a jihad the past few years against all things g-a-y.  And it doesn’t get more gay in the mind of a homophobe than going out for some Greek.

In addition to signing legislation pretty much banning anything perceived as “gay,” Putin has also been empowering a nationwide network of Russian neo-Nazi gangs who regularly kidnap young gays.


Boris and Natasha have a secret.

The group is called “Occupy Pedophilia” — the name is a pun on Occupy Wall Street, and the word “pedophilia” is used because Russians still believe erroneously that all pedophiles are gay.

Since everything officially-frowned up on is “gay,” you’d think anal sex would be a big no-no in Putin’s post-Soviet paradise.  But in fact, kneeling at the altar is a big yes-yes for God-fearing Russians desperate to find a way to pass those blustery winter nights after the TV’s exploded.


Here’s a sampling of Pornhub’s research.  They don’t post a listing of all countries, but have indicated that Russia came out number one.


In fact, the survey shows that Russians are twice as interested in romancing the bum as the US.  And Russia even beats other western nations such as Germany and Italy, which is interesting because Putin has also been on a tear about European “decadence.”


Also of interest was Pornhub’s comparison of overall search terms from Russians versus Americans. “Anal” pops up twice in the Russian top 10 list — it doesn’t even merit a mention in the US list until you hit #16.

And if you look at the top 25 terms from each country, America still has only 2 “anals,” to Russia’s 4. (Brings new meaning to the phrase “beeg trouble for moose and squirrel.”)


Boy, there’s a lot of Russia-centric sex going on in that search archive.

And “Czech“?

(And I’m not even going to ask what a “creampie” is.)


Btw, has anyone checked the history on this guy’s computer?

Kremlin propaganda chief Dmitri Kisilev (aka Dmitry Kiselyov).

Kremlin heterosexual-in-chief chief Dmitri Kisilev (aka Dmitry Kiselyov).

You remember Kisilev? He’s the now- Kremlin propaganda chief who railed about the need to burn the hearts of gay car accident victims, lest someone use the “gay” organs for transplants – see video below. (Kisilev is also the guy who threatened to turn the US into “radioactive ash” on Russian state TV. Though, in retrospect, perhaps he meant “ass.”)

Favorite part of the Kisilev video? Nine seconds in when he spits the word “mah-la.” Seriously, that gurl deserves an Oscar for that word alone.


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