Women call 911 after “Cuppy” the kitty holds them hostage in bedroom

It’s all fun and games until someone gets a cat.

My love-hate relationship with members of the feline race is well-known in these parts.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love animals. But I have a simple rule about pets, and it’s the same I have for people — I stop loving them when they try to kill me.

And even then, I still show mercy.

The time demon-cat got awfully close to becoming a permanent part of the freezer.

The time my nephew’s demon-cat got awfully close to becoming a permanent part of the freezer.

I’m currently staying in Paris with two cats. One old and lovable, who throws up a lot. And the second, young and precocious (and in heat), who has a thing for jumping up on your shoulders, unannounced, when she’s not screaming her lungs out at 4am in search of a mate.

Demon-cat decided that Sasha would not enter mom's kitchen. Sasha complied.

Nephew’s demon-cat decided that Sasha would not enter mom’s kitchen. Sasha complied, looking to me for help.

But what particularly caught my eye with the story below, about the people who had to call 911 to rescue them from their cat that had trapped them in their bedroom, was that the same thing happened to me.

No I didn’t call 911 when my nephew’s demon-cat decided I was never to leave my mom’s bathroom again, but I did call upon friends on Facebook and Twitter, who suggested I was being silly, and told me to simply walk on by, she’d be fine.

The time demon-cat trapped me in my mom's bathroom.

The time demon-cat trapped me in my mom’s bathroom.

That’s when she ripped into my leg and drew blood.

So I’m sympathetic to the women in the story below. Hell hath no fury like a cat who doesn’t like Mondays.

The reporting in the video is pretty hysterical.


PS It’s a holiday here in France, and I’m busy cleaning the apartment, preparing to move somewhere else. So this may or may not be my last post today.  Enjoy.

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  • Mark

    I would hope so.

  • PhillipCBaum

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  • silas1898

    Florida Man is very busy!

  • Moderator3

    Americablog has always been pet friendly. Seems like there was a time that you devoted four paragraphs to the declawing issue.

  • Psyspace

    Really…this is the only thing going on in the word worth posting about? I love cat videos…but Americablog, what has happened to you. I remember when you were great!

  • Don Chandler

    “I’m currently staying in Paris with two cats. One old and lovable, who throws up a lot. And the second, young and precocious (and in heat), who has a thing for jumping up on your shoulders, unannounced, when she’s not screaming her lungs out at 4am in search of a mate.”

    I still think you’re catman. Even Sasha looks a bit like a cat–albeit, sweeter. I had a siamese cat that was named Sasha–definitely a cat name. One of these days, a good photographer is going to catch catman taking off his mask and you will be outed. Not just as catman but as a true cat lover. Give it up, Aravosis, you know you’re a cat person. Cats don’t lie, they scratch.

  • jorgemandrews

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  • Don Chandler

    Yeah, like they needed back-up! I think they have gloves on too. I don’t think this story had a good ending.

  • GlennF

    So “mom and daughter loaded up” Cuppy all by themselves and brought him to the vet to kill him, but they felt the need to bother the 911 center and police to come and save them from a little cat they knew and owned for 14 YEARS? Pathetic!!!

  • Oh have no fear, I doubt I’ll stop tweeting and facebooking her to death :)

  • Indigo

    As opposed to the shenanigans inside the beltway?

  • Indigo

    Acts of “God” such hurricanes, financial collapse, even sink holes and swamp critters help slow the development to an extent, but you’re right, the entire peninsula is endangered by development. It’s possible, though, that rising ocean levels will slow that down. Meanwhile, it’s home.

  • Tone

    Their apparent paper thin commitment to their animal companion is unsettling. Perhaps the poor little beast is in pain, perhaps a tumor or other neurological condition. Calling 911 on a cat is quite neurotic and a little bit overly dramatic.

  • emjayay

    Yeah, isn’t that a French thing to do, like it is everywhere else?

  • sophie

    The Florida panthers habitat is being destroyed by humans. Florida needs to check development greed, but that will never happen–and when they are gone then perhaps someone will care.

  • Glad to hear that. Sasha is so adorable. Please keep tweeting pics of her.

  • Tor

    Check out Florida Man.

  • Cats can develop dementia, but aggression is not generally associated with it. Vocalizing, problems with using the litter box, and sleep disturbances are more common. All in all, it sounds more like a gross overreaction than any actual action on the part of the cat. You’re in a bathroom… one good squirt of water should do the trick.

  • If you’re having problems with poison toads, maybe you should stop licking them. :)

  • There are no poisonous snakes in Florida, you could eat any of them, and people do all the time… unless you meant to say venomous, then yeah, there are a few. :)

    Cows injure and kill more people every year than sharks or snakes. Fear the real dangers.

  • fatstinkycat

    Don’t forget widow spiders and recluse spiders! Also poison toads!

  • dcinsider

    OMG they put the cat down?

  • dcinsider

    Sounds more like hell to me.

  • Indigo

    The Florida panther is an endangered species, partly because they wander out into the highways, but yes, they’re around. Along with bears and alligators and Burmese pythons, a long list of poisonous snakes and, if you head into the ocean, there’s plenty of sharks. Did I mention the high incidence rate of death by lightning strike? We’re in the subtropics, after all. :-)

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    One of my coworkers had a cat that seemed to develop dementia. It was over twenty years old. The cat walked into a corner and couldn’t get out.

    More importantly – why hasn’t Chris spayed that poor cat?

  • I wasn’t going to comment on the reporter ;-)

  • Well I didn’t do anything and the cat did that to me, then again I didn’t own it for 12 years. It is weird the cat turned on its owners. Dementia? (Seriously)

  • There are panthers?

  • Demon-cat has finally relocated. Nephew took her away :-)

  • Speaking of, how is Sasha faring in the lair of the demon-cat?

  • Indigo

    Life in Florida has its kittenish moments. A few weeks ago, some friends and I were sitting on the patio outside our rural Zen Center when a panther strolled across the road, walked the length of the grassy parking lot and disappeared into the woods. No fuss.

  • bkmn

    Now that is the definition of having pussy problems.

  • olandp

    How did they “load the cat up”? My cats are as sweet as any and completely docile, but when I try to put them in the carrier, the do everything they can to keep from going in.

  • S_in_Tokyo

    Actually, judging from the reporter’s final words, it looks as if the cat got the Ferguson treatment.
    I wonder what they did to it to make it act that way. I’ve never had cats react that way to me …

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Wow. Barbie grew up to be news reporter on TV!

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