Oh mighty ISIS

“Oh mighty Isis.”


It seemed time :-)

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  • eahopp

    We will then need the Mystery Machine Inc to investigate these Saturday morning, non-cartoon line-up terrorist outfits!

  • MJ

    Right. (I find it hard not to love/hate the guy).

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  • RepubAnon

    I remember it as well -the Shazaam-Isis Hour. I always thought it odd that Isis controlled the forces of nature, but her use of superpowers was limited to rescuing kittens from trees rather than battling evil.

  • Indigo

    Good old Zahi Hawass, a Pharaoh in his own mind. He not only survived the revolution, he stomped out the looting at the Cairo Museum and established himself as The Antiquities Authority with the new government. Wow!

  • Mike F

    Oh, god…I remember this. And I think I may have watched it, too. Does that mean I’m old now?

    On a lighter note, Joanna Cameron is quite the hottie. But then again, I’m a sucker for dark-haired beauties.

  • Matt Rogers

    How about CITL? Then we could pronounce their followers “chitlings” :-)

  • MJ

    She and that snotty husband live in Manhattan, you know. They needed that money just to go to the grocery store.

  • MJ

    Speaking of the goddesss Isis, let just one member of ISIS touch one ancient hair on the head of any mummy at Cairo’s museum. They’ll have to deal with Zahi Hawass, the tyrant of the archaeological world, and THAT guy takes no prisoners.

  • Indigo

    Yeah . . . well, she’s preggers and mom will probably have to step away from public life to help pitch in after the baby arrives. Such modest and unassuming folks, nary a trace of ambition or arrogance among them.

  • nicho

    OT — but talking about goddesses

    Chelsea Clinton quits her $600,000 a year job as reporter for NBC


    I, for one, will miss her hard-hitting and insightful reporting that raised the level of journalism in the US to new, dizzying heights. She was worth every penny of the $600,000 a year she earned. It’s really nice to see someone pull themselves up by their bootstraps from a hardscrabble existence and, by sheer pluck and determination, find the proper reward for their talents.

  • Indigo

    I noticed this morning in the local newspaper and then again on line that the acronym ISIL is now in favor. Something about Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant. As long as they’re playing word games, how about going with the Caliphate of Iraq and The Levant (CIL)? We could pronounce it “Chill.”

  • nicho

    Yes, which means it was created for media attention in the US. Most revolutionaries pick much more difficult acronyms — and often in their own language.

  • bkmn

    The sci-fi genre fueled many a not yet realized homo inside me when I was young. From ISIS to Wonder Woman’s twirl to hairy chested men in mesh shirts on UFO and many, many more helped to mold the gay in me before I even realized I was gay.

  • I think most of the reason for going with “ISIS” is because it’s easy to say, and sounds catchy, more than any attempt at being descriptive.

  • lynchie

    it’s not torture if we do it.

  • The_Fixer

    I thought that was odd, too.

    Generally, any foreign organization from non-English speaking countries have some kind of acronym that doesn’t match up with its English-translated meaning. Or if it does by coincidence, then the acronym’s letters are out-of-order compared to the English-translated name. For example, CEPT – the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations.

    I heard at one point that “ISIS” changed their name to “IS”, for “Islamic State.” I have not heard anything beyond that, and have not heard the press referring to them by that name. So that may have been a report in error, or the media just refuses to recognize the name change. It does have the broadcast advantage of rolling off the tongue easily.

    I’d love to know the real origin of that name.

  • Actually, I did too.

    “Pam! Stop eating all the cocaine!”

  • In our ceremonies, we will often invoke the various names of the gods and goddesses… Isis is one of them.

    It would be rather like a terrorist group naming itself Yahweh. Or more precisely, mass media naming them such.

  • AdmNaismith

    When I was 10 or so, Isis ran in a Sat AM block paired with Captain Marvel. Fro all the similarities between the two shows, I preferred to invoke ‘Might Isis’ than yell ‘Shazam’.
    If anyone was paying attention then, we probably could have saved ourselves a great deal of psycho-sexual grief.

  • AdmNaismith

    When I first head of ISIS, I thought of Archer and gang of dopes that make up that ISIS.

  • Katrina Rose

    I only remember Isis – be it Joanna Cameron’s incarnation (you’re making me feel old, John) or the more historical version – as Egyptian.

    Now if some terrorist outfit adopts Shazam as an acronym, the Saturday morning non-cartoon line-up will be complete.

  • nicho

    Does it strike anyone as strange that a radical Islamic group would name their organization in English? I’m guessing this name came straight out of Langley.

  • nicho

    It’s amazing the sense of humor the CIA can have when naming its creations. And here’s another laugh for the day:

    “President Obama has condemned waterboarding as torture.”

    Further proof that there is no god. Or else Barry would be a smoking cinder from 100 lightning bolts.

  • Indigo

    Much more than a “thing.”

  • Indigo

    Astarte, Inana, Ishtar, Isis, Diana, Athena, Aphrodite, Cerridwin . . .

  • Oh, is Isis a thing in Wiccan circles? I did hear the WH guy today talking about ISIL a lot, so they seem to have changed the name.

  • So mote it be.

  • Sean Knight

    I call upon Isis, great goddess, to invoke her wrath upon those who have used her name in vain, and worse to commit acts of evil. May her vengeance be swift and great! So mote it be! So mote it be! So mote it be!

  • BTW, a lot of us Wiccan types are really pissed at the adoption of that name for these murderous psychopathic thugs.

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