Man tries to kill woman for eating 3 choco chip cookies for breakfast

A Decatur, Illinois man reportedly tried to strangle to death his female roommate after he found out that she had eaten 3 Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

It’s unclear if the man was upset that the woman was eating his cookies, or rather that she was eating cookies for breakfast.

Though there is a third possibility. I mean, eating Chips Ahoy? Please.

These are my personal chocolate chip cookies, and let's just say, they're to die for.

These are my personal chocolate chip cookies, and let’s just say, they’re to die for.

While I admittedly would be pretty ticked with a roomie had they stolen my freshly-made chocolate cookies without asking, I’m not sure I’d literally try to strangle them to death.

According to the report in the local paper, the man banged on the bathroom door and said he was going to kill her. Thinking he was joking, she opened the door and told him to get it over with. So he lunged and her neck and threw her into the bathtub. That’s when the victim’s husband and landlady fortunately heard he ruckus and jumped in to save her.


This definitely ranks up there with the South Carolina woman who stabbed her husband with a ceramic squirrel after he forget to buy beer.

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