Chicago Catholics fire church choir director for being gay

Colin Collette, who served 17 years as the music director of Holy Family Catholic Church in suburban Chicago, was fired from his job in July after announcing on Facebook that he was engaged to a — dum dum DUM — man.

Interestingly, the priest who leads the church in the town of Inverness says that the problem was that Kenned “has publicly endorsed a position in conflict with Church teachings.”

In other words, you can’t play the organ at a Catholic church unless you’re opposed to gays getting married.

The American gay publication, the Advocate, named Pope Francis their 2013 person of the year.

The American gay publication, the Advocate, named Pope Francis their 2013 person of the year.

It’s an interesting irony that the Catholic church thinks it’s ecclesiastically better for gay men to hook up with strangers in private than get married in public.

The religious right, and the Catholics, have for years railed about how dangerous all those “promiscuous” gay relationships are. Yet now that gays finally want to settle down, suddenly settling down is the real problem.

Here’s more from the priest of the church:

Through the use of social media, the Archdiocese of Chicago has become aware that Colin has publicly endorsed a position in conflict with Church teachings,” Keehan wrote. “Employees who make such choices cannot remain employed by the Archdiocese.”

Note that the church didn’t fall back on its usual argument, that you can be gay, you just can’t do anything gay. Apparently, you now can’t even Tweet gay.

Of course, the Catholic Church’s position on having gay choir directors shouldn’t really surprise.  After all, this is a church that tolerates its cardinals calling gays “f*ggots.”

Then there’s Catholic Charities’ penchant for taking at-risk kids as political hostages.

In view of all that, what’s a choir director?

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