It’s time for my annual medical tourism trip to Europe

It’s that time again. When I act like I’m from a small village in a developing country and fly to western Europe in order to buy my asthma drugs that are 5x cheaper in France than they are America.

Why are they cheaper in France?  Not because of government subsidies. But rather because international pharmaceutical companies charge you and me, in general, three to five times what they charge Europeans SIMPLY BECAUSE WE’RE AMERICAN.

So, in a way, you could say we’re number 1.


Advair costs 5x in America what is costs in France because the drug companies simply charge Americans more.

symbicort (1)

As I’d written before, at least US insurance companies are now cracking down on Advair, but they still seem to think that Symbicort is a good alternative. Yes, Symbicort that only gouges Americans by charging us 3.5x what they charge the French. That’s what counts as a “bargain” in Big Pharma -land.

My trip to France literally breaks even after I buy my Advair. It’s ridiculous. And offensive.

Maybe I’ll bring it back home in one of those big plastic colored oversized shopping bags that the old-world grannies use instead of suitcases!

Bon voyage.

(Someone is less than thrilled that I’m leaving her with mom.)


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