PunditFact: Fox News wins battle for most-false cable network

Fox News has won the battle for most-false cable network.

A new survey by the Tampa Bay Times’ PunditFact, looking at the veracity of cable networks, found that Fox News won (or lost) the first prize for having the most falsehoods studied.

According to PunditFact, Fox News’ on-air talent were mostly false, false, or “pants on fire” 60% of the time.

MSNBC ranked second in falsehoods, at 46% of the time.

And CNN ranked a lowly (or uply) 18% level of falsehoods – meaning, CNN did a pretty good job getting it right.



fox-news-false-surveyNow, the survey admits that they only covered what they covered — meaning, they didn’t fact-check every fact ever said on the various networks.  But of the ones they checked, Fox lost.

The list of Fox-falsies is pretty stellar. Here are a few real doozies:

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And here are a few of my favorite Fox-Falsies:

Fred Phelps’ anti-gay church is really “left wing.”

Fox on health care reform.

Fox on Libya.

And perhaps my all-time favorite: Fox on solar energy in Germany.

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