John Oliver on “The Day of Colonial Aggression” (aka the 4th of July)

John Oliver covered the 4th of July fireworks on this week’s show last night, even though he clearly pre-recorded the broadcast, so rather than show actual fireworks from around the country, he simply pantomimed them.

The man really is funny.  As I’ve written before, I think he really comes in to his own hosting. He was okay as a correspondent on the Daily Show, but I didn’t really love him until he hosted for Jon Stewart last summer. And now he has his own show on HBO.

Here are a few snippets of quotes:

“We were off this week in observance of Independence Day. Or as they call it where I’m from, the Day of Colonial Aggression.”

“We in America love fireworks. Why? Well, because they’re like sparkly guns you can shoot in the sky.”

Then, Oliver pantomimed the fireworks:

John Oliver fireworks

John Oliver fireworks

Then the big finale:


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