House candidate Nancy Skinner makes climate a centerpiece issue — in a winnable race

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I couldn’t have better news for you. In a winnable race, a Democratic House candidate is making climate a centerpiece issue. If anyone deserves your support, this person does.

Can climate be a winning issue elsewhere? Let’s prove it can by winning this race.

The candidate is Nancy Skinner, and the race is Michigan-11, near Detroit. They’re still in the primary stage, but this is doable. The Republicans are in serious disarray, as you’ll see. Skinner could well take the seat. (In fact, she’s in the running for Bill Maher’s Flip-A-District contest.)

From friend-of-the-Holocene Peter Sinclair:

Michigan House District 11 Candidate Nancy Skinner is making  climate change a centerpiece of her campaign, going into next month’s primary, and has come out swinging with the piece you see above.

Last week I posted a bit of distilled climate paranoia, in a video from a Louisiana congressional primary, where Sara Pailin clone Lenar Whitney laid out the complete conspiracist’s looniest fantasy of climate science as a global plot. The piece has appeared in a lot of places, and I think its an example of looney climate denial having jumped the shark in the American mind.

Now, hardly a week later, I  can show you another view, above – one that every serious pollster tells us is true. Climate Change is becoming  a winning issue.

Sinclair, in a separate piece, links to a poll conducted by Anthony Leiserowitz tracking public opinion on climate issues:

88% of Democrats, 59% of Independents and 61% of liberal/moderate Republicans think global warming is happening, compared to only 28% of conservative Republicans;

81% of Democrats and 51% of liberal/moderate Republicans are worried about global warming, compared to only 19% of conservative Republicans;

82% of Democrats and 65% of liberal/moderate Republicans support strict carbon dioxide emission limits on existing coal-fired power plants to reduce global warming and improve public health, compared to only 31% of conservative Republicans.

Of course there’s more at the link. This is s very promising issue.

Support Nancy Skinner for Congress

Even if  you don’t live in Skinners MI-11, you can help out. In fact, you can help a lot. Here’s how — Skinner’s “ask” is at the end:

The ask is simple — 11:11:1 — “$11 for MI-11 and the 1 candidate who leads on climate change”. As Skinner’s campaign writes at the YouTube site:

Nancy Skinner is running in one of the very few US House Seats in the nation that is “in play” due to gerrymandering, Michigan’s 11th District. The incumbent is a first term Tea Party (and major Climate Denier), Kerry Bentivolio. Roll Call has MI-11 in it’s Top Ten Most Vulnerable Seats.

Make climate a winning issue in 2014. Support Skinner for Congress.

If the Republicans savage each other, the race could be Skinner’s to lose

More on her rivals, the Republican clowns, from Howie Klein at Down with Tyranny (my emphasis and paragraphing):

One of the most bitter and brutal Republican mini-civil wars is raging in MI-11, west and northwest of Detroit and we took a brief look at it last week. Incumbent teabagger Kerry Bentivolio is up against a fatally flawed eviction and foreclosurer specialist, Dave Trott, who is being financed by the corrupt Republican Establishment. The teabaggers are currently running this very effective ad against Trott:

Steve Israel, sensing an opportunity to elect one of his vile mystery meat candidates, recruited an ex-CIA agent, Bobby MacKenzie, who refuses to talk issues and is hoping that Trott and Bentivolio will just kill each other off. Progressive icon and local radio talk show host Nancy Skinner just announced that she’s jumping into the race and is likely to get the kind of institutional support Israel hoped to be able to deliver to McKenzie.

Climate Candidate Nancy Skinner (MI-11)

Climate Candidate Nancy Skinner (MI-11)

Nancy is a known and trusted progressive voice in Michigan and across the country due to her countless media appearances as a syndicated talk show host who doesn’t shy away from taking the battle right into the face of fascist heroes like Ann Coulter and Larry Kudlow (see video up top).

She bravely took on Joe Knollenberg in MI-09 in 2006, then considered unbeatable after David Fink spent $2 million and lost big. Today half of MI-09 is has been redistricted into MI-11. Skinner used her radio fans and local roots and national base to raise $465,000 (with no DCCC help of course) to Knollenberg’s $4 million dollars and lost 51-47%. The Detroit Free Press called Skinner “Knollenberg’s near-death experience.”

Back then, her campaign drew national attention. She was endorsed by then Senator Barack Obama; then Senator Joe Biden fundraised for her; Joan Jett also raised campaign funds for her. Environmental hero  Robert Kennedy Jr. did a television ad with Skinner endorsing her for her leadership on global warming. Skinner was voted the “Best congressional candidate in America” in a national poll.

The two other Democrats in the race, wealthy Bloomfield Hills urologist Anil Kumar and the CIA guy, McKenzie, are not likely to muster what it would take to beat either Republican. Kumar, who has never run for any office nor worked on campaigns, is barely a Democrat at all. … McKenzie worked at the state Department for a few months after his secretive stint overseas with the CIA. If he runs, the Republicans will talk about nothing but Benghazi for the entire campaign, while he turns off the Democratic base with the only issue he ever talks about, anti-terrorism tactics. …

I spoke with Nancy Skinner yesterday. She was focused like a laser on three overriding issues: jobs, economic security for working families, and climate change. …

Klein has more a the link. It’s a nice piece.

Bottom line — Climate wins when Climate Candidates win

I think the bottom line is a simple one. To make Climate a winning issue, we have to make winners out of Climate Candidates. Skinner is backable and the race is winnable. Care to help? Here’s that link again — 11:11:1, $11 for MI-11 and the 1 candidate who leads on climate change.

And thanks.


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