Google Street View goes underwater to catalog the great coral reefs of the world (video)

Kinda cool, and kinda confusing.

Google’s Street View, that enables you to visit most any street anywhere (well, at least a lot of streets in a lot of countries), decided to go exploring under the ocean.  And they came up with some pretty cool videos, and a Web site called


I was hoping that the reef record wold be a sort of Google Street View under the water, but it’s not quite that.  While the videos of the dives are stunning, and worth checking out just for that, the actual site is not all that, IMHO.  But your mileage may vary.  Having said that, it’s some cool stuff that’s helping scientists figure out how the reefs are faring, so in that regard it’s still neat work.

Check out the videos for yourself:

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    I think maybe you were expecting something different, something it’s not intended to be. Did you view the tutorial on how to access the data? This will be extremely valuable if they go back over the same areas at regular intervals. It will help determine the extent of crown of thorns predation, bleaching due to spikes in water temps as well as bleaching due to surface water runoff (fertilizers). The neat feature is that every photo is GPS stamped so that it can be compared in detail with later photos of the exact same spot.

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