Eden Foods can kiss her Post-it note

Every July 4th, we celebrate the day that American colonists rebelled against the tyranny of England.

I have a far smaller rebellious action I take sometimes. I place a sign, just a note, near a product or event or thing that I find objectionable.

This started three decades ago when my husband was to attend a psychiatric conference at a male-only powerful-persons club in Washington, D.C. When I heard about this event and saw that the main speaker was a female psychiatrist, I called her and warned her about the sexist nature of the club. Even though she had no idea who I was, she took my objections seriously and told me she was only going ahead because she had been invited by one of her mentors – a man she greatly respected. So I told my husband if he went, he had to stick these little sticky notes I had in places all around the club. The labels said “This is insulting to women.”

Sodasteam, the Israeli-owned company who makes products on Palestinian land, came in for my notes more recently. When I see the product in stores, I stick a piece of paper nearby saying “This product is made on an illegal settlement.”

Famous SciFi author Orson Scott Card is a favorite of librarians who display his books in prominent places in the library. I put a slip of paper in those books so that anyone opening one will see: “Sadly, this author is homophobic.”

I’m not going to pretend that the decreasing profits of Sodastream are because of me, or that Orson Scott Card readership is declining because of my little notes. But I hope that perhaps my little pieces of paper will inspire people to do some research on their own.

"I have a cream..." Crunchy-feely Eden Foods has joined Hobby Lobby in its crusade against women.

When will America stop oppressing corporations? (Crunchy-feely Eden Foods has joined Hobby Lobby in its crusade against women.)

My newest campaign is Eden Foods, the crunchy-feely “natural foods” company that signed on with Hobby Lobby to get out of providing contraceptive coverage for female employees.

I think I have fertile ground here: Many consumers of organic foods are liberal and politically active, but they still don’t know about Eden Foods’ involvement in the Hobby Lobby case. I figure I might actually have an effect in this situation, maybe really inform people. And I’m going to be more strategic about it.

I’m going to print up lots of little notes on slips of paper – I’m thinking of them saying something like:

Eden Foods : Another company against women’s access to contraceptives.

I’ll take my “post-it-note glue” with me (it won’t harm anything, but will make the paper stick wherever I want to put it).

I’ll do this both in my favorite local health food store and in my less-liked-but-sometimes-necessary local Whole Foods.

I know this is small potatoes (albeit organic ones) in the fight for our rights. I don’t fool myself about the scope of it. However, if everyone who cared did some little thing like this, it might have an effect. And of course, I will be involved in working for the people and issues I care about in the 2014 elections in much more conventional ways.

But for now, Eden Foods can kiss this woman’s post-it note.

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For almost 20 years, Marti Teitelbaum used her doctorate in public health working for the Children’s Defense Fund, producing most of their numbers on children’s health, disability, health insurance, Medicaid, and immunization. Marti is the mother of two high-energy girls (a twenty-something future radical social worker, and a 13-year-old middle-school fashionista), and is married to a psychiatrist who devotes half his work life to a child mental health clinic.

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  • Emily Polak
  • Liberal in CA

    Sam – it is my understanding from the news that I have read and heard, that HL actually DID cover ALL BC methods and only after the ACA went into effect, had an issue with it. Businesses
    should NEVER be allowed to disregard federal laws under the guise of
    religious freedom. No exceptions. No exemptions.

  • xscd

    I love this post-it note idea, as well as all the Internet information campaigns (twitter, facebook, websites such as Americablog, etc.) It seems sneaky to me for a company run by religious conservatives to masquerade as environmentally-conscious and representative of liberal ideals and values, just to sell their product, which I guess their fellow conservatives would probably not buy nearly as much of–

  • sherrybb

    The Eden founder says he wants to opt out of all contraceptive coverage- now whether he will stick to that or not is another issue.

  • lindajvera

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  • In California Whole Foods was sued for overpricing and cheating their customers by providing inaccurate product weights, and lost. Sadly, they were only fined less than a million dollars, and didn’t have to admit any guilt. If penalties for crimes aren’t going to put anyone in jail, and aren’t going to cost them even a full day’s profit, they’re just going to keep doing it. There’s no reason not to. I’m sure Whole Foods has made much more than the fine from cheating their customers… and if they’re doing it in California, I guarantee they’re doing it elsewhere too.

  • PeteWa
  • dcinsider

    Try your local Asian grocer for those hard to find foods. Much cheaper and they inevitable carry things hat regular grocers don’t.

  • dcinsider

    What Gindy51 said. Pay attention please, the world spins fast.

  • dcinsider
  • dcinsider

    I totally love this idea. I know that little note will prevent me from buying!

  • tamarz

    I have only a tiny bit of knowledge about this topic but everything you say sounds right. Just read this very shallow but interesting piece:

  • Gindy51

    The INSURANCE COMPANY turned you down not your EMPLOYER, see the DIFFERENCE?

  • donaldopeoples

    If Hobby Lobby and Eden Foods want to be the monitor of their employees morality, than perhaps they should step up and not accept customers who are not morally compatible with their values.

  • Sam Jay

    Yes, in fact I have had treatments for certain condition turned down by my insurance company. And Yes, Viagra is NOT covered by my insurances coverages.

  • Sam Jay

    I see two accusations here I have yet to see solid reporting on (and thus proof of). One is that HL stopped providing any contraception after being approached by right wingers and the other is that HL is invested in contraception pharmaceuticals. I have seen no proof of that anywhere other the internet whispers.

    In the real world insurance companies deny coverage or procedures all the time. I have had certain treatments denied to me based on cost. Others have high copays. I don’t like it but its no different. This ruling really is minor and could have been easily avoided.

  • I’m sure those environmentalists also support fish farming in a responsible way, which the farmed salmon industry is far from. Salmon farming in most places is done in open water net-cage facilities, which are actually harmful to pretty much every other species that shares those waters. They are huge disease, parasite and bacteria reservoirs. Any chemical treatments or waste from the farmed salmon inevitably spreads down current, and all over the sea floor. The large concentrations of salmon in the net-cages also attracts predatory wildlife, animals that normally feed on salmon, which are then killed by the operators of the farm, or injured by the netting of the facility itself. A good idea in theory, because wild stocks can’t hope to keep up with the increasing world-wide demand for salmon… but it leaves much to be desired as far as an environmentally-friendly alternative.

  • PeteWa

    your weird personalizing anecdotal nonsense aside, what point did they win?

    “The Green family’s religious beliefs forbid them from participating in, providing access to, paying for, training others to engage in, or otherwise supporting abortion-causing drugs and devices,” the lawsuit states.

    and yet Hobby Lobby profits off of actual abortificants, they are invested in those drugs.
    I would definitely call that “otherwise supporting abortion”.
    Hobby Lobby has $73M invested in companies that produce emergency contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, and abortion-inducing medications.

    they are just full of shit – and so are you.

  • tamarz

    heard recently that the depletion of fish in the ocean is leading some environmentalists to support fish farming.

  • tamarz

    Hobby Lobby did provide contraceptive access until approached by rightwingers and then they suddenly decided it was against their religious beliefs. They signed on to this case objecting to access to 4 (not 2) types of contraception. They incorrectly “believed” that these forms of contraception are a type of abortion. Alito et al ruled that it didn’t matter whether or not that was true, just that they believed it. This case now allows companies to claim religious exemptions for all contraceptives (take a look at the newer releases from Alito regarding other cases). And why should a company be able to pick & choose which form of legal and effective health care their employees can have? How would you like to find out that the best form of treatment for your enlarged prostate (and if you’re not old enough to worry about this yet, you will be in the future) is unavailable to you because it interferes with sperm production and your boss believes sperm are sacred. I’m sure Alito wouldn’t want the health care of his reproductive organs determined by someone else’s religion. And he wouldn’t want a panel of women deciding what men should do about their genitals. Of course, he’ll never have to worry about that because he’s male and because he’s a justice on the Supreme Court.

  • Sam Jay

    hold on here. You people are aware hobby shop and Eden both provide contraception to their employees? In fact both companies have rather generous health care plans. They object to only two forms of contraception. That’s it, two form, IED and morning after pill. My crappy health care plan didn’t provide any converage for years. No one complained then? I’m no right winger, but on this point they win the argument.

  • Drew2u

    Farmed salmon also has less mercury & radiation and can have a controlled population to choose from without depleting the already dwindling natural supplies >_>

  • Emily Polak

    Awesome idea! Please also sign and share this petition to get Whole Foods to stop carrying Eden products! http://www.change.org/petitions/whole-foods-stop-carrying-eden-foods-products

  • Kevin

    people don’t realize Eden is right-wing-I didn’t until yesterday-need pressure the retailers or this won’t work-call your local market and raise hell

  • nicho

    I’ve learned from experience to never pursue those things. Within two minutes the conversation gets shifted to Obama’s socialist health plan or how immigrants are sneaking into the country because they don’t want to work and they’re stealing all our jobs.

  • nicho

    The paste was the only good thing about second grade.

  • Indigo

    That’s what I was thinking too. I recognized lots of those brands but it’s mostly pre-prepared, overly sweetened, manufactured items I don’t usually like. They taste like cardboard or second grade library paste.

  • Whole Foods is owned by a far right nutjob. there’s no reason for anyone who isn’t a far right asshole to shop there. Most cities have reasonable alternatives for high end groceries.

  • There was a time when name brands were good and the off brands suck. That’s still the case sometimes, but my experience with the “generic” brands has been that it’s the same thing with less fancy packaging and for a lot less money.

  • I don’t use soy, but a lot of people do who will want to know about this.

  • “We don’t eat food.”?

  • nicho

    It’s not for nothing that people call it “Whole Paycheck.”

  • nicho

    For most people, those foods are the mainstay of their diet. I was talking to my (Foxaholic) sister one day and mentioned Trader Joe’s. “I never go there,” she said. “They don’t carry anything we eat.”

  • Whole Foods often carries things that are not available at most other grocery stores. Especially if you’re looking at preparing ethnic foods where the ingredients cannot be sourced locally, where you happen to be.

    Though, I can’t fathom anyone who actually does all their regular grocery shopping there. They might as well be throwing money down the toilet.

  • Also consider that about a quarter of all the raw materials (wheat, corn, rice, etc) for those company’s products come from a single company, Monsanto. The majority of the world’s raw grain comes from only about 10 corporations too.

  • Indigo

    It’s like a map of the Junk Food Empire. Impressive but also a little scary.

  • nicho

    Here’s an interesting graphic showing how 10 corporations control almost everything we eat.


  • tamarz

    I used to shop there a lot but their horrible CEO cured me of that bad habit. Now I go once every 4 or 5 weeks just for the things that a more local and smaller health food store doesn’t have.

  • bkmn

    Now we just need to work on getting Costco to stop selling that damned farmed salmon. Farmed salmon takes more antibiotics per pound to raise than any other farmed animal.

  • tamarz

    As a big Costco fan, I’m happy to endorse your choice!

  • Indigo

    I’m guilty of deleting my own comment there. Nothing nasty, just off topic. But honestly, as far as soy milk goes, I’m entire satisfied with the Kirkland brand I get at Costco’s. In a spirit of full disclosure, I concede that I’m far too far down on the economic totem pole to comprehend how prestige labeling and exclusionary pricing enhance the quality or taste of any food product. My bad, obviously. I will no doubt be punished in some future life for the sin of poverty. Oh, wait . . . poverty is its own punishment. Wasn’t that clever of Satan?

  • Guest

    Why shop Whole Foods any how?

  • Strepsi

    SGM strikes again!

    thanks and kisses


  • emjayay

    I hope Eden Food’s participation in this case turns out to be a really bad business decision. Popular websites and publications and various organizations should be working on a boycott and publicity about their stance. I’m sure many or most of their customers are conscious consumers who would be aware of this kind of thing and buy something else. All I’ve seen so far was the fact that they were mentioned as being part of it.

  • StraightGrandmother

    I have been working hard on this. See pic
    You Post it Note and I’ll tweet. Everyone should help how they are able to.
    Twitter really does get their attention because they get an e-mail with every tweet that has ther @EdenFoods
    We, the Gay Alliance took down Stoli Vodka, we can take down Eden Foods Also.
    Their religious beliefs are for them, I reject them forcing it on their employees.
    If you are on twitter pls find some ppl to tweet #NoBeansEden hashtag

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