Eden Foods can kiss her Post-it note

Every July 4th, we celebrate the day that American colonists rebelled against the tyranny of England.

I have a far smaller rebellious action I take sometimes. I place a sign, just a note, near a product or event or thing that I find objectionable.

This started three decades ago when my husband was to attend a psychiatric conference at a male-only powerful-persons club in Washington, D.C. When I heard about this event and saw that the main speaker was a female psychiatrist, I called her and warned her about the sexist nature of the club. Even though she had no idea who I was, she took my objections seriously and told me she was only going ahead because she had been invited by one of her mentors – a man she greatly respected. So I told my husband if he went, he had to stick these little sticky notes I had in places all around the club. The labels said “This is insulting to women.”

Sodasteam, the Israeli-owned company who makes products on Palestinian land, came in for my notes more recently. When I see the product in stores, I stick a piece of paper nearby saying “This product is made on an illegal settlement.”

Famous SciFi author Orson Scott Card is a favorite of librarians who display his books in prominent places in the library. I put a slip of paper in those books so that anyone opening one will see: “Sadly, this author is homophobic.”

I’m not going to pretend that the decreasing profits of Sodastream are because of me, or that Orson Scott Card readership is declining because of my little notes. But I hope that perhaps my little pieces of paper will inspire people to do some research on their own.

"I have a cream..." Crunchy-feely Eden Foods has joined Hobby Lobby in its crusade against women.

When will America stop oppressing corporations? (Crunchy-feely Eden Foods has joined Hobby Lobby in its crusade against women.)

My newest campaign is Eden Foods, the crunchy-feely “natural foods” company that signed on with Hobby Lobby to get out of providing contraceptive coverage for female employees.

I think I have fertile ground here: Many consumers of organic foods are liberal and politically active, but they still don’t know about Eden Foods’ involvement in the Hobby Lobby case. I figure I might actually have an effect in this situation, maybe really inform people. And I’m going to be more strategic about it.

I’m going to print up lots of little notes on slips of paper – I’m thinking of them saying something like:

Eden Foods : Another company against women’s access to contraceptives.

I’ll take my “post-it-note glue” with me (it won’t harm anything, but will make the paper stick wherever I want to put it).

I’ll do this both in my favorite local health food store and in my less-liked-but-sometimes-necessary local Whole Foods.

I know this is small potatoes (albeit organic ones) in the fight for our rights. I don’t fool myself about the scope of it. However, if everyone who cared did some little thing like this, it might have an effect. And of course, I will be involved in working for the people and issues I care about in the 2014 elections in much more conventional ways.

But for now, Eden Foods can kiss this woman’s post-it note.

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For almost 20 years, Marti Teitelbaum used her doctorate in public health working for the Children’s Defense Fund, producing most of their numbers on children’s health, disability, health insurance, Medicaid, and immunization. Marti is the mother of two high-energy girls (a twenty-something future radical social worker, and a 13-year-old middle-school fashionista), and is married to a psychiatrist who devotes half his work life to a child mental health clinic.

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