Bank Teller fired for being too Christian with the customers

It’s an interesting story, and not one about which the facts are terribly clear. Did a bank teller in Kentucky lose her job for wishing customers “a blessed day,” or did she lose it because she asked them if they’d accepted Jesus as their savior?

The first is fine with me. The second, decidedly not.

Is a blessed day necessarily a Christian greeting? Maybe, maybe not. Even on Charmed, a show about wiccans (kinda), they says “blessed” all the time, and they clearly aren’t talking about Jesus.

So I don’t really have a problem with people who say “bless you.” If anything, i find it quaint and sweet.

Image courtesy of Fox19.

Image of bank teller Polly Neace, courtesy of Fox19.

As for asking me if I’ve found Jesus, that’s no one’s business. And I’ve been asked before. My most annoying memory was sitting at JFK airport in New York City, on a 12-hour layover flying from Europe to South America (it was a hellacious trip), when some religious nut sat down next to me in the airport and asked me if I’d found Jesus. This was back in the era when they’d start a conversation with you by saying “I found it.”

I was pretty annoyed, in addition to being supremely tried. And I don’t quite recall what I said or did in response, but it wasn’t terribly Christian.

Back to the matter at hand.  According to Fox 19, citing the bank, the teller also once asked a customer, “‘Did you take the Lord’s name in vain?’ and then proceeded to talk to that customer about salvation.”

Yeah, that would start to annoy.

The teller is now suing the bank for religious discrimination.

If the teller was simply wishing customers a blessed day, then the customers who complained were out of line, IMHO.

But if she was inquiring as to whether the customers had “found Jesus,” and if she started reprimanding them about disobeying God’s law while depositing money, then she gets one warning, and if it continues, she can go find work at Hobby Lobby or Eden Foods.

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