Archie to die thwarting assassination of gay comics character

AP is reporting that Archie, the beloved red-haired comic book character, will meet his maker this coming Wednesday when he dives in front of a bullet to save the comic strip’s first gay character, Kevin Keller, who is now a US Senator.

Archie Comics has already revealed some of the end-moment snapshots:


AP has a few more of the images.

The gay in me says “yeah!” While the writer in me says “oy.” One of the things they teach you early on in writing-land is not to follow a story line just because it’s something that “could” happen in real life.  The potential reality of it doesn’t necessarily stop something from coming across as canned, phony, too much.

While I’m all for mainstreaming the gay rights movement, and it doesn’t get any more mainstream than Archie dying for his gay friend, somehow Archie throwing himself in front of a bullet to stop the assassination of his gay senator bff strikes me as a bit late-era-Fonzie-esque.


Then again, I don’t read comic books (though I did as a kid). I have adult friends here in America who do (and adult French people love comic books). So maybe I’m missing the nuance of how “Archie” a move this really is.

And in the end, if tons of Archie fans learn the lesson that “gay is good,” I’m not being the one who stands up and says “no.

Though I might say “meh.”

What do you think? Is this a big deal?

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