Wild deer cavorts with dog (video)

All back and recovered from colonoscopy-land. I was in no mood to post yesterday, all headache-y and stuff from not having eaten. But had a great night’s sleep, and all is better.

The procedure, as everyone says, is a cakewalk because you’re asleep. My doc prefers to knock you completely out, which means giving you a drug that doesn’t give you retroactive amnesia. I’ve had the amnesia before, during my cataract surgery, and it’s quite disconcerting. I wouldn’t quite call this a restful nap, what I had yesterday, but at least you’re out and then you’re up, and no worse the wear.

This has nothing to do with a colonoscopy.

This has nothing to do with a colonoscopy.

I know one commenter, at least, in my earlier post mentioned not going for colonoscopies, that they know they should, but just couldn’t bring themselves to going. And yeah, the prep kind of sucks (a lot), but one day of prep is a lot better than a very short life of colon cancer. (Another friend just told me he doesn’t go for regular physical exams — you know who you are.)

Look, I totally get the fear of going to the doctor, the fear of getting test results for cancer, heart problems, HIV, or STDs. But you’re really not making the fear go away by not getting tested. Some day, if you have any of those problems, and don’t get them checked before, you’re going to be in a lot worse shape than had you just gotten the test.

End of screed.

And now, a dog and a wild deer play in a backyard.

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