Twin tornadoes demolish Nebraska town (video)

A horrific tornado — rather, rare twin tornadoes — hit the small town of Pilger, Nebraska yesterday around 345pm, just demolishing it.

Someone captured some video from their car.


As best I can tell, the car is coming from the north, heading south, and Pilger is just to the east (in other words, on the driver’s left).

I’ve circled the water tower in the image below — you’ll see the water tower in the YouTube video, and the video from the state patrol:


Here’s the YouTube video, courtesy of TVNweather — you’ll see the water tower on your left as the video progresses.

Here’s a Nebraska State Patrol video of Pilger, coming in from the west, I believe — so, coming in from the upper right corner of the Google Map photo I posted above. You’ll note the small semi-circle drive (upper right corner of Pilger, above) as the helicopter flies in to survey the damage.

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