Teddy the porcupine, or Cousin It? (video)

As I’m preparing for my colonoscopy, and Gaius is off today, you’re going to get an adorable video of Teddy Bear the porcupine, rather than any real news this morning.


I just downed my second glass of that nasty stuff you have to drink to prepare for the procedure, and man it’s awful. It’s funny, it didn’t taste nearly as bad the first time, when I had to drink a glass last night. This time, however, I know what’s coming, and the stuff made me want to throw up.

Oh the fun.

Anyway, back to Teddy the Porcupine. I thought this video might be fake, that they might have put a voice-over on it. But in fact, porcupines do make noise.

Here’s the first vid of Teddy eating a mini pumpkin, but the second video is even more interesting. You’ll see Teddy getting excited over being given some corn. It’s really kind of amazing to watch him jump around like a little kid, all excited. I had no idea you could even attempt to keep porcupines as pets.

And here’s a bonus video of Snickers, a porcupine at the Alaska Wildfire Conservative Center in Portage, Alaska.

I’d visited there before, saw a recovering eagle, as I recall, but sadly no porcupines during my trip.

Jump about 4 minutes into this video, it gets quite adorable.

Oh, and here’s Cousin It (in Italian!)

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