For Lindsey Graham, Debbie Reynolds’ “If I had a hammer” (video)

In honor of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s manly-man stance against going back to secure the release of US prisoners-of-war, I give you Debbie Reynolds’ “If I had a hammer.”

A reader passed this video along to me, and I can’t tell if it’s the worst music video I’ve ever seen, or the best.

This slays me.

First, the intro — LOVE the arms, and look at that design!


Then the totally-not-gay leap.


Oh, there’s more back up, swingin’ and groovin’.


And even more backup, doing a sexy flamenco thing.


Am I crazy, or is that Ann-Margret?


Yeah, baby.debboe-featire
And finally, the big finish — will they lift their arms in unison?



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I’m kind of digging the Italian subtitles:

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