Leave Jonah Hill alone

Actor Jonah Hill, the star of the new film “22 Jump Street,” was stalked by paparazzi in Los Angeles this weekend, in yet another display of the decorum that is the industry that killed Lady Diana.

Fed up with the videocam-toting man, who had apparently been following the actor around all day, and who had been saying hurtful things about Hill’s family, presumably in an attempt to get Hill to respond, Hill finally told the guy, “suck my d*ck, you f*ggot.”

I’d have probably done far worse.

The paparazzo thought it was cute, among other things, to tell the actor how “sexy” his shorts were. In essence, one could argue — and I would — that it was the videographer from TMZ who was being homophobic.

You can watch the video for yourself. The video guy is rude, and he’s gay-baiting. And perhaps it’s time someone asked TMZ for comment about whether it’s their standard policy to gay-bait stars in an attempt to provoke an outburst.

Jonah Hill being stalked by paparazzi.

Jonah Hill being stalked by paparazzi.

I’d had it with the celebrity-stalker industry years ago. When Lady Diana died, after being chased through a tunnel at 65 mph by the paparazzi in Paris, I think a lot of us who don’t live in Hollywood got our first real introduction to this industry that has grown up around harassing famous people for pay. You read the stories about what these cameramen do, chasing people all over town, stalking their spouses and their families, and then hurling vulgar insults at them in order to get them to turn to the camera for the perfect shot.  And in the case of Hill, in the video below, you’ll see a camerman not just following him, but also getting in front of him and facing him with the camera while he’s walking.

This isn’t journalism. And I don’t care how famous you are, no one in any job, regardless of how much money they make, signed up to be stalked and abused all day long by these people.

People who are the victims of these stalkers should have a remedy, whether it be legal, or physical (and most certainly verbal).

As for Jonah Hill’s comments, first he apologized. Second, he has a history of being supportive, and even outspoken, on gay rights issues, including supporting efforts to raise awareness about Russia’s brutal crackdown on its gay citizens. In the context of a guy who has openly supported our community, who is then stalked and harassed all day long, I’m somewhat less than outraged that he resorted to an anti-gay slur after being gay-baited.

If TMZ is so concerned about homophobia, perhaps it should start with its own.

Jonah Hill wearing one of HRC's t-shirts to raise awareness about Russia's mistreament of gay and trans people.

Jonah Hill wearing one of HRC’s t-shirts to raise awareness about Russia’s mistreament of gay and trans people.

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  • Sasha

    first of all “gay baiting”? Please give me a break! This guy was making fun of his shorts because they are hysterical!!!! Nothing to do with being gay… and when he said “Have a good day”.. he got slammed with a homophobic rant! Jonah Hill’s “support” of the gay community is putting on a t-shirt with Russian words and taking a selfie for Perez Hilton’s website….. sure that is positive and should be noted but it certainly shows the least amount of effort. To try and divert attention and discuss the TMZ crew is a ploy that politicians use when things get too hot in the kitchen… when people are angry about war they flush the media with gay marriage news … works every time….

  • Sasha

    You sound like your 9 years old! “if any members of the “GLBT” community know this guy as being gay they should throw him under the bus” …. “Odds are they won’t because “they” stick together no matter how wrong they are”… and how much research have you done on the subject? How many gays do you spend time with? Are they all nelly queens that are limp wristed with strongly pronounced lisps? You are right in line with any other bigot! You want to ignore what Jonah said because you yourself want the right to use those words. I have never witnessed gay men talking to straight men in that manner.. they would be terrified of the consequence.. we are the minority remember. In fact it is always the bully straight macho guy that talks down to another male to try and diminish his masculinity!

  • sane37

    Actually, I’d not heard of Jonah Hill until this incident. But his apology seemed sincere and his support for LBGT rights is apparent once you look into it.

    Again, congratulations on your mind reading ability. You should take work in the securities industry, there’s a fortune to be made for one as incite-full as yourself.

  • Jade

    You’re either pretending to have missed the entire point of John’s article or you have zero reading comprehension. Either way, you’ve embarrassed yourself here.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Yes, you do have a typo, but your statement really doesn’t make sense with the correction. Do you want to think about it and explain what you were trying to say.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    “No heterosexual guy would say that.”

    There must have been some research that we have heard nothing about. Please supply the link to this information. If you cannot do that, then it is just your opinion. Speaking of your opinion, you said you would not use that slur, but you had no problem with stating that gays are dishonest. That’s not really better.

  • john todd

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  • fx-tech

    So it’s not ok for a heterosexual to call a another man a fa**ot, I get that. Why don’t I hear anyone slamming that paparazzi for sexually harrassing Jonah? I believe the papparazzi guy is gay because he reffered to Jonah as being a bully after the slur was used. No heterosexual guy would say that. He was making sexual inuendos and remarks the whole time. This is what makes straight guys dislike gays. If any members of the GLBT community know this guy as being gay they should throw him under the bus. Odds are they won’t because they stick together no matter how wrong they are. I don’t agree with using that type of slur but I also don’t agree with gays that think they can get away with doing and saying innapropriate things to straight people.

  • Joseph Arechavala

    I’m sure liberals would be just as forgiving is this was, say, Chuck Norris. Right???

  • Steven Leahy

    whatever. Point is that I doubt most of the people defending this would do so if a racial slur, that’s the point.

  • Jade

    I’m glad you mentioned this too. Not enough people know about it and are only going by what he said on Stern’s show. Here it is.


  • Jade

    I think that if the “reporter” (to be kind) had been fat, he’d have called him a “fat fuck,” even though he is also fat. When attacked, we gravitate toward words that insult our opponents’ seeming “flaws.” That Hill saw the “reporter’s” sexual orientation as a “flaw” is, yeah, a problem that he needs to deal with.

  • PopChips

    Created by yourself.

  • Jade

    His movie is going to tank regardless, and he knows that. And it absolutely was an apology for what he said. I especially appreciated that he said something like, “No one deserves to *say* or hear anything like that.” He didn’t use the shit he was getting as an excuse.

  • Jade

    I had the same reaction. I think that he actually is confronting any remnants of homophobia he’s still carrying around from his youth. His apology was completely sincere, and he even said that he deserves all the grief coming his way.

  • Jade

    By “far worse,” I assume he meant he’d have hit him. Or spit on him. Something physical.

  • respeck4all

    The celebs should stand outside the TMZ paparazzi’s houses and follow their families around all day. Then they should go outside to the TMZ’s studio and follow them as they come out, find out where they go, do background checks on them for any gossip, and report it to the news. I’m sure TMZ workers have a lot of skeletons in their closet including the people that run it.

  • atalex

    Um, I’m a guy. And my point was that when provoked to overwhelming anger, the filters that keep even the best of us civilized can be broken down by the impulse to attack.

  • I feel so bad for Jonah Hill and all the stars out there. Being pushed every single day by paparazzi just to get a reaction…I wouldn’t be able to take it. I give him credit for not attacking the guy AND for the apology that shows his true character.

  • BillFromDover

    Wrong thread?

  • Steven Leahy

    Blah blah blah, this thread is not/was not about “women” but about homophobic slurs towards gay males, so not sure what all that pointless verbiage in your first paragraph is all about. I didn’t initiate the conversation about women, someone else decided to.

    Anyway – forums are all about opinions – we all have them. Later.

  • VarshaMoretoniss

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  • mirror

    Darn, now I’ll be up all night trying to decide whether there is an etymological difference between being dickish and plain being a dick, and whether John’s argument is suggesting there is a distinction between homophobish and homophobic.

  • mirror

    Actually, I made an argument. The first comment about the photog being gay was silly on its face. After your response, I argued that your self-serving myopic etymological anaylsis is insulting to women, wholly unnecessary to your position, and quite ridiculous. You then followed up with an argument about historical impact that did the same thing all over again, but more agregiously. Your self-serving myopic baseless historical comparative anaylsis is insulting to women, etc…

  • Steven Leahy

    Wow hit a nerve, huh? You resort to name calling because a) you’re a hypocrite and b) you have no argument, and c) you know under all your bluster I am right.

    Here is the original post I replied to, that YOU chimed in on – read carefully:

    “When people are sufficiently angered, they instinctively reach for the worst words they know. It’s human nature, right or left, male or female, gay or straight. I consider myself a feminist. That didn’t stop me from screaming the C-word at my TV screen while watching Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech at the 2008 RNC Convention.”

    This individual chose to trivialize and minimize the impact and weight of the “F” word because, hey, we all get mad, and this was just an outburst of anger, like when screamed the “C” word at another (let me stress ANOTHER) female. My statement was that I don’t care how mad you get, this word (F) is charged for gay men and he (Hill) should’t use it, period. He did apologize – it is not so much him I have the issue with as it is those dismissive of it as an issue. Then you went on to challenge me about whether the photog. was gay or not, as if it were relevant or had anything to do with the price of tea in China.

    The C word, while it may make you angry, does not have the historical impact that the F word does – never has, doesn’t now, likely never will. I have challenged others here to deal with their own hypocrisy by substituting a racial epithet for the F word and have stated repeatedly and consistently that we would not be having this conversation in that instance. Ironic that you chime in at my indignation over the offensive “F” word and then you get your panties in a wad because I do not and will not agree that the C word carries the same weight. Because I say it doesn’t carry the same historical impact does not mean I have said it is acceptable or that you should/shouldn’t be offended by it. That is YOU reading that from my statement.

    You feel better? Don’t like what I had to say? Tough.

  • Jim Olson

    He also gave a real, heartfelt apology on Jimmy Fallon last night. George Takei approved.

  • Monte Logan

    same thing I thought

  • PeteWa

    thank you, I did check that out, and I’m glad that I did.

  • mirror

    Hell,I can call you a dick right now, without any embarrassment. I think you’re a dick for making these bs arguments. But I’m not going to even write the “F” word or the “C” word. You don’t have to claim the right and reason to speak for women about how offended they should or shouldn’t be in order to justify the level of offense you feel at Johah Hill’s use of the “F” word. How offended we feel, or why we are offended, have meaning because they relate to our value and self-respect as individuals. Following your intellectual approach above we’d all be on Fox arguing about whether calling someone a bundle of sticks or a cigarette could EVER be considered offensive…

  • mirror


  • mirror

    Science shows Johah Hill is a regular user of the “F” word? God, this thread is filled with so much bs!

  • Well I’m sure he doesn’t want his movie to tank regardless, but I don’t think any of us know what he really feels, to me however, what he said felt heartfelt. So if he’s acting he’s doing it right. The real issue is that people gravitate to these words. He’s a product of his environment just as we all are. It would be better to learn and grow from this more than use it as witch hunt.

  • Steven Leahy

    Agree. I liked that one a lot better than the Howard Stern one which was full of excuses.

  • Steven Leahy

    I said I didn’t know if he was gay or not and you don’t know that wasn’t in Hill’s mind when he hurled it. He might well have been gay or been perceived to be gay.

    One has been singularly used to attack and dehumanize gay men specifically and the other hasn’t. I never stated either word was acceptable and that you should’t be offended by it – but you also have no right to trivialize what gay men have endured at the hands of (usually heterosexual oppressors by likening it “F*G” to a body part. The male counterpart to the “C” word would likely be “Dick”. It’s not in the same league as the *F* word.

    The point is that the word’s connotation regardless of who it’s directed at has that meaning (hatred of gay men) at its roots. That’s the difference. Pretty obvious.

  • Moderator3

    ??????????????????? What does this have to do with the discussion? Perhaps you should have included the obvious connection you made.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m a black woman and I swear this whole business about the word gets on my nerves…actually nobody should use it. Blacks are so freakin two faced. Stop using it all together.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PeteWa

    I think of this when I think of Jonah Hill

  • RetortForm

    No. It’s not an apology for what he said. It was an apology for other people hearing it. What we need to do as a culture is start unpacking why faggot and dick sucking (a really nice thing for men to have done that many men and women also love doing) are used so frequently as insults. That’s what really matters here. Not if Jonah hill acts sorry because he doesn’t want his movie to tank.

  • RickGarcia

    I would have said a lot worse. Along the same lines. Just sayin.

  • Butch1

    Where do they find these slime-balls?

  • Butch1

    Allen Baldwin is one of the good guys. He just gave up trying to explain to people what happened who didn’t want to listen.

  • Butch1

    This is just plain harassment and it seems as though they could be stopped by making them stay away from him by so many feet allowing him some breathing space. Who can live comfortably with these gnats in your face bothering you with snide comments.

  • LanceThruster

    The paparazzi are a lot like these guys.



  • PopChips

    Yep. It’s called science. Apparently a topic you don’t understand.

  • I saw his apology on Jimmy Kimmel and it was real and moved me.

  • Badgerite

    Their show is literally unwatchable. Even a three year old would find it stupid and pointless.

  • I saw his apology on Jimmy Kimmel and I got to say it felt really heartfelt and I think we should let it go. That’s how you do an apology.

  • Badgerite

    There has to be a business model somewhere based on providing bodyguards to famous people to keep TMZ away from them.
    If there isn’t, there should be.

  • RetortForm

    He though the most hurtful thing he could say to that guy was to call him a faggot and that the idea of a man being made to suck his penis was a fitting denigration. It’s clear that he has internal fear of homosexuality. Right there in his actions.

  • RetortForm

    You’re just desperately trying to make it OK for an ‘ally’ to use the language of hate and to equate gay people with being terrible. This is gross.

  • RetortForm

    You’re just wrong. He needs to confront his homophobia, not be given a pass because he was mad.

  • RetortForm

    WRONG. In his anger, he should have just told the stalker to piss off. He didn’t have to bring gay people into it.

  • RetortForm

    Yawn. It helps his career to help the Russian issue. that doesn’t mean he actually likes gay people in his everyday life.

  • RetortForm

    Exactly. His career shouldn’t be over. But his fauxpology shouldn’t be accepted.

  • RetortForm

    You aren’t. And your motivation is you like Jonah Hill.

  • jonathanOz

    I’m not half so upset by the specific epithet tossed by Jonah Hill at the paparazzi as the simple idea that a person who has spent his adult life pursuing fame and notoriety now whines about dealing with the ugly (and let’s agree TMZ is ugly) flip side of that pursuit. If you don’t want to be hounded by the paparazzi, fire your publicist, the paparazzi and the public will forget you soon enough.

  • dcinsider

    Amen. The guy is a good person.

  • Again with the false binary. We do this with race, sexism and so many other things. It’s a scale not an either/or. You can be a little bit homophobic or a lot homophobic or something in between. If your go-to insult is the f***** then you can’t claim you aren’t homophobic at all but it doesn’t mean he wants to go hang out with the Westboro Baptist Church crowd either. Most people are somewhere in between.

  • I agree with the first part of the last sentence but not the second. I don’t understand why he used that word. Or rather I do but it doesn’t do him any favors. There are a lot of insults he could have used that slurred just the person and not an entire demographic (the vast majority of whom are not among the papparazzi!).

    Personally I would have gone with “Dude, not cool.” And left it at that. (I’m spending far too much time around 22 year-olds lately!)

  • Does calling someone the b-word or the c-word imply that all women are disgusting and inferior? Because that’s what it implies to call a man the f-word. It’s a slur because it is considered to be the worst thing you can say about another man. That’s the significance.

  • I will always accept a sincere apology. (Not so much the “I’m sorry you were offended” non-apology.)

    The real problem is that this is so ingrained that it’s what comes out when people aren’t thinking. It’s not so much that Hill is homophobic (and he is just a little bit, as is pretty much everyone else even most gay people), but that our entire society is homophobic.

    And once again, like with race, we have to stop indulging in the false binary. Someone isn’t 0/100 racist/non-racist or homophobic/non-homophobic. Almost everyone falls somewhere between 0 and 100. In times of stress (tired, angry, etc.) those worst traits are going to come out. They don’t come from nowhere. I don’t blame Hill. He was raised in this homophobic society and at least he sees that it’s wrong. Something fundamental has to change for this kind of thing to recede from our culture and it’s not going to happen by itself and it’s most certainly not going to disappear if we don’t speak out about it.

  • mirror

    If you don’t know, then what was your point making that comparison? I like too, how you speak for the level offense women are allowed to feel for a given insulting term. I’m sure they appreciate your making those distinctions for them.

  • I agree to a certain extent. When the paparazzi follow me I just meditate though. ;)

    On a serious note, I can only feel so bad for these actors. Sure the paparazzi are assholes but guys like him want to be famous and there’s an unfortunate price sometimes. I’m in no way condoning TMZ – I think they’re the scum of the earth, but when you become a celebrity you waive a few privacy rights. That’s part of the deal.

  • keirmeister

    Check out his appearance on last night’s “The Tonight Show.” His response to what happen should put this issue to rest.

  • sane37

    The best way to kill a weed is to rip it out of the ground by the roots.
    We should start killing paparazzi, left and right.

  • sane37

    I would’ve fed the cameraman his camera had this happened to me.

  • sane37

    If you look above, at the article, you may notice that it does call out Jonah Hill a bit. It mentions what he did, says its wrong. Then cuts him some slack for the circumstances behind the outburst with the condition that it doesn’t happen again.

  • sane37

    Wow, a mind reader.

    What am I thinking? What is my motive for thinking it?

  • Palto

    Steven Leahy I agree with you 100%.

  • Palto

    If Hill used a racial slur against a black photographer, his career would go straight into the toilet. Gay people though are supposed to bend over and take it every time someone uses the F word. It’s a slur with blood on it’s hands and too often is the last word people hear before being killed or attacked. It’s because of this that I never use the word in anger or in any other context. I also think it’s gotten to the point where gay people feel they must over-compensate and become apologists ever time this word is used, especially with celebrities like Hill who throw scraps of GLBT friendly publicity to the media every now and then. Trust me Hill would never say the N word like this in public no matter how hard he was trolled by a TMZ flunkie. He knows better.

    The solution? I would think the first step would be to not report on every run in where this occurs. That’s the exact opposite of what these media trolls want.
    The best way to kill a weed is not to feed it. Same thing with these TMZ baiters.

  • Brian C. Bock

    I’ll second the title. He’s an ally who had a stupid moment of verbal diarrhea. Big deal. I felt the same about Alec Baldwin.

  • Steven Leahy

    Nope. Very well could have been. Don’t know. Do you?

  • mirror

    John, I wish I hadn’t commented any farther than to say I like your title.

  • mirror

    Ok, studies…

  • mirror

    Are you saying you have information that the harassing photographer gay-baiting him was himself gay?

  • mirror

    Call the police? What’s the charge? Really, tell us, if you have so much better understanding of law and society than the other people here. We’re waiting.

  • PopChips

    I never suggested that he secretly hates them so I’m not really sure why you’re replying to my comment. I said he most likely uses the slur regularly. Again, I hope he will use this incident to expand his vocabulary and stop using slurs.

    Using a slur only makes you look trashy. Why would anyone want to send the message that they’re a classless, trashy person?

  • Steven Leahy

    One woman calling another woman the “C” word is not in the same league as the “F” word used by a heterosexual man against a gay man. Sorry.

  • vickif

    You and me both and not just to Sarah Palin but most of the women who are repugs.

  • cole3244

    nice analysis.

  • pappyvet

    Thanks Mike. After seeing some of the things that folks in the trans community have said about us I would hate for us to fall into the same rut

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    That is a good point.

  • Steven Leahy

    Agree. I will give him credit on the one hand that he did seem to issue a somewhat heartfelt apology on the Howard Stern show and I think (HOPE) he’s really angry at himself for “going there”, but of course the fact that it was the first thing that popped out of his mouth accompanied by the “I have gay friends” schtick in his apology makes me doubt his genuineness a little.

    Maybe I need to be more forgiving but I will say that too many heterosexual men who claim to support gay rights and gay people need to really reflect on their own deep-seated bigotry and stop trying to rationalize what they’ve done when they seem to use this word all too often.

    Had Hill just shown regret and sorrow at his choice of words without the accompanying “this is why I did it” commentary I would have been more convinced.

  • pappyvet

    I worry sometimes about over reaction driving allies away. Being too quick on the trigger can be harmful as I hope some in the trans sexual community are finding out through maturity.

  • Bingo. And he’s been an ally. People should be talking about TMZ’s behavior, not his.

  • I’m not black. I am gay, and I’m not terribly offended. I am offended by the way he was treated by TMZm, and it bothers me that after they stalked him, and berated his family, now HE, and not TMZ, is the one in the news being asked to atone. In the grand scheme of crimes against humanity, Jonah Hill doesn’t make my list :)

  • Steven Leahy

    i would rather he throw a chair at him than use the F word. I hate that word.

  • Maybe a little bit, but judging by what TMZ did, in stalking him, and then going all homophobic themselves, my outrage meter is not going off about Jonah Hill, it’s going off about TMZ. And this entire affair has all been about Jonah Hill, and very little has been said about TMZ. You stalk a man all day, attack his family, and he blows a gasket. I’m willing to give some leeway in terms of what comes out of his mouth :)

  • I’ve said this about other communities before too. Sometimes we need to pick our battles. Jonah Hill isn’t it :)

  • pappyvet

    Tempest in a teacup. I am more concerned with what the wingnuts would love to do than I am with what this young man said.

  • Plus, as you pointed out, the paparazzi harasser was using gay innuendo in an attempt to provoke an outburst. “Sexy shorts” and all that.

  • Palto

    Just a hypothetical question to throw out here. If the reporter was black, would it be just as ok to call him a n?

  • Elijah Shalis

    He should not have reacted in that way. If the guy was harassing him he should have called the police. I am not giving him a free pass. He could have said “I always love my gay fans”

  • Yes, but we can’t ignore it completely. We need to direct change. That said, a public lynching will just make us look like assholes.

  • Jimmy R

    I concur with the article. I would likely have said similar or worse. This guy isn’t a homophobe, and there really are more legit targets than Jonah Hill. Overall, he appears to be a decent guy.

  • cole3244

    i am not a fan of the c word but i don’t think calling a women a bitch or a man a prick is in the same territory as racial, ethnic, or sexual preference slurs, those are taboo at least in my vernacular.

    when i hear those i surely can forgive but i never completely forget but that’s just me. there are so many other things to say when angry that those are off limits as far as i’m concerned. i hate bigotry and i have to be consistent if nothing else.

  • cole3244

    i think if one resorts to a racial, ethnic, sexual preference or any slur of that type it shows an underlying prejudice that i do not tolerate or understand, i know it can be hard at times but we must not stoop to that level imo.

    as a caucasian male of irish ancestry i am pretty much exempt from those worries so i try and put myself in the shoes of those that are more vulnerable to those attacks.

  • If he said the N word his career would be over.

  • robintyler

    John, I really like Jonah Hill. However, if he said leave me alone and used the ‘n’ word, his career would be over. The ‘f’ word is just as offensive to us. It is not OK.

  • Steven Leahy

    I don’t think he has to have scientific evidence to have an opinion. That’s why it’s an opinion. I didn’t read from his comment more than that. I may have worded my response differently than he did, but generally agree with his statements. What’s really irritating me about this whole discussion is that I don’t think most of the posters defending Hill would be doing the same if we were talking N-word, and yes, the F-word is every bit the equivalent to that for a gay man who has had it used as a source of hurtful shaming, demeaning, belittling, tormenting and vilifying his whole life.

  • I actually agree with you. What I didn’t agree with was Retort’s blanket statement that one outburst means Hill is 100% a gay-hating homophobe. He made three assertions, none of them backed up by evidence other than this one provoked outburst.

  • atalex

    When people are sufficiently angered, they instinctively reach for the worst words they know. It’s human nature, right or left, male or female, gay or straight. I consider myself a feminist. That didn’t stop me from screaming the C-word at my TV screen while watching Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech at the 2008 RNC Convention.

  • Does it make me a misogynistic anti-feminist if I’ve ever, in provoked anger, called a woman a filthy c**t?

    If so, guilty as charged. Worse, it’s happened more than once! (*gasp*)

    I judge people by what they do. Not by one stupid outburst, because I know full well that when I’m the most angry, I also retreat to the epithets of my childhood and early teenage years. Hill apologized — which is more than we ever get from genuine anti-gay bigots — and that’s good enough for me.

  • Steven Leahy

    He should know better. I wonder if we would be as forgiving if he hurled the “N” word every time he got really angry at a black person. The “F” word is a very deeply hurtful slur towards gay men as I am sure you likely know.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Yes, but …….. I agree that my accent gets stronger when I’m upset. If I’m mad at someone, my go to word is f*cker. It’s comes to mind, because I have used it before. I feel Jonah has to have used that word before. It came to easily to him. I hope this incident will prevent him from saying f*ggot anywhere. Even when he’s high and with friends. He made a good apology, so I don’t think anything else has to be done.

  • Steven Leahy

    We all have opinions. Yours is just one of them, no more or less valid than anyone else’s, just like Retort’s and just like mine.

  • Steven Leahy

    Sorry John I agree with 99.9% of what you write, but not this.

    Yes, he was obnoxious and yes, TMZ is a piece of shit – and for all we know TMZ paid this paparazzi to follow and bait him – but it still seems amazing to me how they always wanna seem to go *there* when they get angry or frustrated. It’s not OK. He does not get a free pass because he has shown some support for gay rights. If I get pissed off at someone of a different race I do not go right for the racial jugular.

    If this had been a racial situation and he used a racial epithet, would we be having this discussion, at all, much less defending the guy who hurled the epithet? I think not. He needs to find another insult.

  • I don’t know that we can tell that he has acute homophobia from that. He should know better, however, and should get a slap on the wrist.

  • I’m sorry but I’d never forgive you if you called me Republican. ;)

  • Because these is language we all grow up and it’s hard to turn off in times of stress. It’s the same reason accents come out when you’re tired (or drunk), it’s hardly turn things off under those circumstances. And if it happens, while I’ll tell the person not to do it again, I’m going to look at the context. And a hate crime, or a serial anti-gay hater, is a lot worse than some friend of the community who in the midst of being serially stalked finally loses it. That, in my mind, says very little about Hill’s underlying character. HIs past defense of our community, speaks volumes IMHO.

  • Fair enough but he should be called out little bit. I mean, he probably just meant it as “dumb” as the woman who called me faggot on the street did last week, but if we don’t speak up about the ease with which this word is used then we’re doing ourselves a disservice. I mean, if the guy was black can you imagine if he said “Suck my dick n******”? His career would be over. I am not into destroying an ally, but at the same time we have to put a stop to this shit.

  • I’m surprised he didn’t throw a chair at the guy, and I’d have applauded.

  • Agree, and that’s not necessarily my point. Lots of things aren’t acceptable, but I”m not going to publicly excoriate someone for them if they’re basically a good person who’s been on my side, and if the person was stalked all day and his family derided, and then then gay-baited, so that he was pushed to the breaking point. Under those circumstances, I’m gonnan say, “Jonah, please try to not to say it again, but I totally understand why you did.”

  • I thought he demonstrated remarkable self-restraint and lasted far longer than I would have.

  • And that’s a crock as he’s already helped our community us on the Russian gay issue. So the man deserves and has earned a little respect, even if we ask him not to use this language in the future.

  • cole3244

    well i guess using a gay slur is acceptable to some but to me no slur is acceptable under any circumstance, if you have to resort to a slur then you have an underlying problem as there are plenty of things to call someone other than a slur.

  • Um, he was being serially harassed. This was hardly the case of him having, oh I dont’ know, a gay waiter, and not liking that the waiter was gay. The guy was being pushed to the edge, and then the photographer basically entered “f*g-joke” territory, and Hill lost it. And i don’t blame him.

  • And your professional qualifications to judge a man based on one angry outburst are what exactly?


    Thought so.

  • Drew2u

    Of course not, then again my dad isn’t a Baldwin.

  • Drew2u

    Me neither, I suppose “gay baiting” may be a better term.

  • keirmeister

    …The same Jonah Hill that dated Andy Samberg’s dad?


  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Homoerotic? The words “sexy shorts” don’t really turn me on.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Does your dad see himself as a champion of gay rights?

  • Drew2u

    There does seem to be a lot of concern-trolling against Jonah Hill, which sort of misses the point if the paparazzo was making homoerotic comments towards Mr. Hill in order to get a reaction, especially if those comments were bookended by insults towards his family.

  • ARP

    So, he publicly support gay rights on a regular basis, but secretly hates them? Why would he do that? You can say Hollywood, but stars can pick any number of causes to focus on and nobody would blink an eye. If he didn’t like “teh gay” he’d pick otters (pun intended), homeless kids, or others.

    So, it was a mistake or a poor choice of words, but I don’t assume that he’s a closeted (again, pun intended) homophobe.

  • nicho

    Thank you, doctor.

  • RetortForm

    Jonah used a homophobic slur because he has acute homophobia. He fears gays doing anything to him. He doesn’t have an issue with gay people existing, as long as they leave him alone. He demonstrates this by using faggot as an insult.

  • nicho

    I don’t get too upset about what people say in the heat of the moment, especially when deliberately provoked. Hell, when pushed to the limit, I’ve been known to call people “Republican.” Of course, I always apologize afterwards and send a basket of mini muffins.

  • Wilberforce

    Apology accepted.

  • timncguy

    it’s the same way “that’s so gay” became the go-to phrase for calling something stupid by school aged kids. They all claim it has nothing to do with homophobia. But,…..yeah, sure….

  • Drew2u

    My dad still uses “faggot” and “cocksucker” as go-to slurs when he’s pushed to that frustration-point.

  • There’s an underlying problem and it’s not really being addressed. I don’t get a sense that Hill is all that homophobic. The same is true of Alec Baldwin. So why is an anti-gay slur the basic go-to insult when they get mad? Because that’s how deeply embedded homophobia is in our culture. I’m not sure exactly what we do to address this, but we’re going to have to. Shaming people doesn’t seem to be working because it keeps happening.

  • timncguy

    In his apology, Hill said that the word faggot was not a part of his vernacular? Well, if that is true, why was that the word that automatically popped out of his mouth under stress? It is my experience that people tend to use the same phrases over and over when trying to insult someone else. Especially if they are operating under stress. I really doubt it’s the first time the phrase has passed his lips.

  • Drew2u

    I would encourage all celebrities to carry stun guns and mace.

    Although I’d stop just short of advocating people fill up squirt guns full of urine in case paparazzi are around. Of course I would in no way enjoy a story of a paparazzo first shot with urine then tazered; that would just be in poor taste – to laugh at that.

  • timncguy

    you would have done “far worse”? What is worse than faggot? If you are trying to hurl an insult at someone and faggot is the first word that comes to mind as the worst insult you can toss out there, I think you have some issues with “teh gay”.

    To me, if I was trying to insult someone, the first word that would come out of my mouth would be asshole. And, if I really got pissed, then maybe mother fucker. But, faggot would never even come to mind.

  • PopChips

    Studies show that in times of stress our brain searches for a known course of action. I suspect he uses the word faggot with regularity. Hopefully, he’ll use this experience to change course, expand his vocabulary, and stop using slurs.

  • Indigo

    In case there was any doubt, it’s now clear that calling someone a “faggot” is an insult. He spoke in haste and under duress. But I wish Jonah had found some other words to express his feelings. Darned breeder!

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    He did give a real apology, and I do respect that. I understand that he was frazzled. I know he has been good as far as gay rights are concerned. To pull that word out of thin air, seems suspect. That word came to easily to his lips. He has probably said it many times before. Of course, I don’t know that as the truth, so I will give him a pass because of the other things.

    When he was on the Howard Stern show where he made his apology, he said “gay married.” That phrase as to be destroyed.

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