Georgia man accidentally shoots self in penis

A Georgia man accidentally shot himself in the penis earlier this month, while stopping at a gas station.

Adding to the fun, after the man accidentally shot himself, rather than going to a hospital, he drove to a friend’s house.

At his friend’s place, he took off his pants and realized that he’d shot himself in the penis, and that the bullet exited one of his buttocks, meaning it went through other parts of his body as well.

Humpty Dumpty via Shutterstock.

Humpty Dumpty via Shutterstock.

So he had no idea, at the gas station, that he’d just shot his own penis, and that the bullet went through his groin as well.

And let’s not even go there with what might have happened had his gun gone off while pumping gas.

But hey, at least he knows he’s free.

So instead of heading to the restroom and making sure he was all right, he drove to a friend’s house, all the while not realizing that he was bleeding out multiple parts of his body.

Have you ever known a dumber group of people protected by the Constitution?

And at what point, if any, does someone lose the right to own a gun?

After you shoot yourself in the penis at a gas station?

How about after you shoot your husband at a McDonald’s?

Or when you shoot yourself at a training class to “arm teachers” because, you know, it’s “safer” for teachers to have guns?

Or when you shoot yourself at a gun show?

Though my personal favorite is the guy who was so negligent, he let his dog shoot him. Does he lose his right to own a gun?

It’s easier in America to buy a gun than it is certain French cheeses. And no one ever let loose with some Camembert at a Walmart.


(h/t 13WMAZ)

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