Gay marriages began yesterday in Illinois, statewide

Yesterday was the first day that marriages of gay couples became legal in all of Illinois’ counties.

While some counties began issuing same-sex marriage licenses months ago, the legislation required them to begin June 1, 2014 in all counties, so yesterday was the first day that they became available statewide.

Midwest Regional Director Jim Bennett and #IL Gov. Quinn with lead plaintiffs Jim and Patrick during their wedding.

Midwest Regional Director Jim Bennett and #IL Gov. Quinn with lead plaintiffs Jim and Patrick during their wedding.

It’s almost kind of funny that I’m having a hard time keeping track of the number of stats that now permit marriages of gay couples, since we have so many court cases where we’ve won, but pending appeal the marriages were stopped, or in the case of Illinois where not all the counties conducted the marriages until yesterday. That’s one sign of success, having a hard time counting our victories.

Windy City Times, the Chicago gay paper, has some great coverage of yesterday’s marriages.

In the meantime, gay leaders in the state all calling on the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bruce Rauner, to recant on his public opposition to marriage equality for gay couples.

You might recall that the Illinois GOP has has had some problems of late with a conservative fringe trying to purge the party, including sacking the former head of the state party for expressing his support for gay couples marrying.  Though, Illinois’ Republican Senator Mark Kirk did announce his support recently.

GOP Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) sporting his summer finest at a White House picnic.

GOP Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) sporting his summer finest at a White House picnic.

Also opposed is Illinois’ uber-conservative member of the US House, Aaron Schock, who keeps having gay-friendly wardrobe malfunctions in his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Schock, who is young, hot, quite into his body and nice clothes, never seen dating women, and about whom rumors abound in DC, maintains that he’s not gay.

It was thought that Schock was going to run for governor, but then poof!; his expected candidacy evaporated like a summer snowflake in Ptown.

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  • Rich

    We converted our civil union to a marriage on Friday. Nice that marriage equality is now a reality in Illinois.
    Bruce Rauner is not to be trusted on any issue. He usually does not take a position on anything, but recently said he would be open to repealing marriage equality if there was a state referendum. He knows that won’t happen. Also, this champion of traditional marriage had an affair when married to his first wife. When she said she wanted a divorce, he said he wanted to patch things up, while, at the same time, contacting a divorce lawyer in his own behalf, presumably without his wife’s knowledge. Shortly after the divorce, he married wife #2. Ah, tradition, what a wonderful thing!

  • americanhispanicsdf

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  • vickif

    My oldest son and his husband got married in NY when it became legal. At least now when they come to visit me in Illinois they are legally wed here also. I can’t wait until gay marriage is legal in all the states. My ex lives in Florida and my son’s mother-in-law lives in Alabama.

  • Sean

    Understood, and appreciated!

  • dcinsider

    I’m in the judicial field so the evidence thing is sort of an occupational hazard.

  • Sean

    I think you were drifting into that equivalency – and that registered with me because I’ve done it for years! I’m trying to cure myself of the habit. And true, there are lots of hypocrites out there, but since Shock is in Congress, he’s fair game in my book. Thanks for the reply. :)

  • dcinsider

    And I hope I didn’t suggest that the two are equated! I just feel that there are so many true hypocrites out there that need to be exposed, we do tend to focus on this little boy an awful lot and based on that I am a bit surprised he has not been exposed as of yet. Don’t misunderstand me, I think he’s as gay as Liberace without the sense of style, but I have not seen anything to convince me I’m right.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Chartreuse? I really can’t see chartreuse with that outfit, but I have a real problem with chartreuse. We lived in an old farmhouse, and my parents made one of the first floor bedrooms into a TV room. They painted all four walls chartreuse. I felt like screaming whenever I walked into that room. I complained about it constantly. I said it looked like someone peed all over the walls. With all that, my parents still couldn’t figure out that I was gay.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Florida would almost do it, although not quite. Their AG is so poor, they may get same gender marriage sooner than expected.

  • Wikipedia has all nineteen states with about 138 million, leaving us short by about 22 million because half of 320 million overall is 160 million. So we need about the population of Texas at 26 million(fat chance). Michigan and Wisconsin won’t quite do it at about 15 million. My fair state has around 12.7 million and has sunk to sixth most populous in the past century. Besides Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and Wyoming have only legal bans, not constitutional ones, leaving them the easiest to overturn, but the three won’t do it.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I think I found the HRC reference. They have the same percentage with Pennsylvania that the Washington Post has without it. Somewhere someone is adding apples and oranges, and my brain is having a meltdown trying to figure it out. My brain is just too old.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I couldn’t find the HRC information to which you were referring. I did notice the Washington Post article was written six days before Pennsylvania achieved marriage equality. I would have to go back and check, but I think the article was trying to determine how many LGBT people lived in states with marriage equality. Whereas Buddy was referring to all citizens. Pennsylvania does have a large population. Perhaps someone can find something within the past week, because things really change quickly.

  • Aye. “Poof!” indeed.

  • According to HRC and a WaPo analysis, we’re at around 44%, with roughly 12% more “in limbo”.

  • Palto

    I like the fact that this speculation about his sexuality keeps him on guard all the time. If it is true that’s a pretty restrictive closet for him to live in day in and day out.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I believe that Illinois kicked it over the 50% mark.

  • Aaron Schock would look better with a chartreuse belt instead of a teal one.

  • So, are Wisconsin and Michigan next? We’re getting close to a majority of citizens who live in the United States with marriage equality.

  • UncleBucky

    Aaron Schock. Nothing in the world would get me into that outfit. I MEAN, I would sooner go in drag (and I could break more mirrors that way…) than wear the Aaron Schock “look”.

    Whatever could have possessed him? Oh, now I know…

    Small town ignorance of fashion that often breaches on the most unbelievable of faux pas…

  • Sean

    The whole question of evidence is an interesting one. In court, you need strong evidence for a conviction because the defendant will be labeled a criminal and punished. Being called gay in public, and a felony conviction: for most of my life they’ve been equated. But it’s not so bad today, despite Shock’s efforts. Since I have no problem with anyone being gay, I think it’s OK to speculate about Shock. In public!

  • dcinsider

    All laughs aside, we need clear evidence that this man is gay. While we can speculate with the usual “my friend’s friend saw him and his boyfriend at X” gossip, it really is not evidence. And given the proliferation of cameras everywhere, how is it this guy has not been caught with his hands down a man’s shorts?

    I ask because it’s sort of hard to nail someone as a hypocrite when we don;t have any evidence that he’s a hypocrite. Believe me, making fun of this jerk is one of life’s simple pleasures, but until he stops denying it, or until we have some evidence that he’s lying, right now he’s just a pretty boy Republican Congressman in questionable clothing, and with a keen eye for the boys, er, ladies.


  • The_Fixer

    It was thought that Schock was going to run for governor, but then poof!; his expected candidacy evaporated like a summer snowflake in Ptown.

    An interesting choice of words that made me laugh :)

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