Fox: Bergdahl guilty because he took ballet lessons as a kid

The Republicans, with the help of the media, are ensuring that President Obama pays a serious price for bringing every soldier home.  As Stephen Colbert put it:

“Of course we want to get every American soldier back, but do we want to get every American soldier back?”

The GOP is aghast about Sgt. Bergdahl returning to the US because the Republicans that Bergdahl was a deserter.  Mind you, nobody knows what actually happened to Bergdahl, how he got into Taliban hands. But Republicans suspect that this American service member deserted, so they’ve decided that this member of the US military should be abandoned and left behind because their speculation is worth more than the life of an American soldier.

Of course, this was after the Republicans like John McCain encouraged President Obama to trade Bergdahl for 5 Taliban detainees being held at Gitmo, but then changed their mind after the President followed their advice.

As Colbert notes, the evidence is overwhelming that Bergdahl is a bad guy.  After all, Fox News informed us that the fact that Bergdahl apparently took ballet classes as a kid means “this guy” is a “narcissist,” who apparently should be left to die.


America, heck yeah!

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