Fox: Bergdahl guilty because he took ballet lessons as a kid

The Republicans, with the help of the media, are ensuring that President Obama pays a serious price for bringing every soldier home.  As Stephen Colbert put it:

“Of course we want to get every American soldier back, but do we want to get every American soldier back?”

The GOP is aghast about Sgt. Bergdahl returning to the US because the Republicans that Bergdahl was a deserter.  Mind you, nobody knows what actually happened to Bergdahl, how he got into Taliban hands. But Republicans suspect that this American service member deserted, so they’ve decided that this member of the US military should be abandoned and left behind because their speculation is worth more than the life of an American soldier.

Of course, this was after the Republicans like John McCain encouraged President Obama to trade Bergdahl for 5 Taliban detainees being held at Gitmo, but then changed their mind after the President followed their advice.

As Colbert notes, the evidence is overwhelming that Bergdahl is a bad guy.  After all, Fox News informed us that the fact that Bergdahl apparently took ballet classes as a kid means “this guy” is a “narcissist,” who apparently should be left to die.


America, heck yeah!

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44 Responses to “Fox: Bergdahl guilty because he took ballet lessons as a kid”

  1. Butch1 says:


  2. Jim Olson says:

    This is precisely the point. They’ve never served. They have nothing to say.

  3. Jim Olson says:

    Really? Get a grip, KAF. If you’re offended by my language, and not the utter criminal treason that keeps dribbling out of the right’s mouths, you’ve missed the point. I offer no apology.

  4. KAF says:

    And Dems are the epitome of “potty” mouths!!!

  5. KAF says:

    You liberals are doing the same thing in these responses that you are accusing this man. If it was a liberal network and a Republican White House you people would be doing exactly the same thing. Hypocrites is what you are portraying for yourselves.

  6. KAF says:

    And you think you are any better person with your choice of language. If you talk like this with your mouth like you do with your fingers on a keyboard, then you need to wash out your “potty” mouth.

  7. Mike F says:

    My name is Mike, and I approve this rant. BTW, I think you may have missed a ‘fuck’ riiiight…there. :)

  8. Butch1 says:

    How many of them have ever worn a uniform of their country? Until they do, they shouldn’t say a word about him until it all comes out. He still has bigger cojones than they ever will have. He at least went there and served what ever happened. None of them have. Too chicken to, but they can attack another man who has without having all of the facts. Typical weasels.

  9. Butch1 says:

    Yes, “Senator Songbird” as he was called by the camp guards, could have been called a traitor for talking too much to those in charge of the camp. I wonder how the Senator feels about that? Should we have left him for gabbing too much? We exchanged many VC for him and other POWs. I guess he’s forgotten about that. ( that was different, eh, Senator? )

  10. Duck says:

    Yeah, except that the exchange was suggested by Republicans. Who then started grousing over the fact that the president listened to them and did what they suggested. Including John “I don’t speak Vietnamese because I was released in a prisoner exchange with the enemy” McCain.

  11. 2karmanot says:

    Amen to that brother!

  12. Texon says:

    Some say these people know only how to communicate through hate.

  13. Texon says:

    Would have preferred using the word “screw”, but agree completely with your rant.

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  15. GreatLakeSailor says:

    In techno-speak: Stochastic Terrorism
    And we need to have a national discussion about the line between speech (in this case political propaganda) and incitation.

  16. mtblaze says:

    Bowe Bergdahl joined the military to serve his country. Keith Ablow joined FOX to trash his country.

  17. Demosthenes says:

    Bergdahlgazi is just the latest faux scandal as part of the propaganda drumbeat. I thought one article showed it: Victor David Hanson just wrote an article for National Review Online mentioning all the “greatest hits”: Bergdahlgazi. BENGHAZI!!!, the IRS, etc. It shows what occurs is far less relevant than maintaining the tone and intensity. In short, it’s just political shorthand for “We hate Pres. Obama”.

  18. KirstenMundayafy says:

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  19. Indigo says:

    So infotainment has become the SitCom News. That sounds likely.

  20. Lantor says:

    There would have NEVER been given fox approval no matter the way he handled it.

  21. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You know they think Obama is guilty – guilty of being President while African American.

  22. gratuitous says:

    Weren’t these the same people who, just last month, were swooning over Putin and his manly deeds in the Ukraine? And saying how Obama was a weakling?

    So the President makes a decision and brings a POW home. Oooh, but he didn’t do it in the Fox-Approved fashion, so he’s “arrogant”, and taking an ill-advised “victory lap”, and he shoulda gotten Bill O’Reilly’s permission first.

  23. Yalma Cuder-Zicci says:

    The idea that a teen wanting to be a ballet “lifter” is narcissistic because he has to be the *star*, the center of attention. What if the kid had been the high school quarterback? Would Allblow say the same thing?

  24. nicho says:

    John McCain was released from a Vietnamese prison in a prisoner exchange in which we negotiated with the “enemy.” Guess we should have left him there to die.

  25. jomicur says:

    What they’re doing is taking the “Gotcha!” sitcom style of comedy, where every line of dialogue is a setup for the next zinger, into the political sphere. How shallow is that? And how sad is it that so many Americans buy into that mentality and mistake it for substance?

  26. Monte Logan says:

    I see like 50,000 articles circulating through facebook trashing him. I’m not even bothering until AFTER legitimate information is released about his capture. Everybody else can follow the Fox news campaign

  27. Indigo says:

    See, the thing of it is, the New Army is a mercenary army. Drop everything and run, leave the captives behind, CYA! That’s mercenary thinking, you betcha!

  28. kingstonbears says:

    Come on Jim, tell us what you really think. Big hugs to ‘ya.

  29. davidinchelseama says:

    Absolutely their next move. They’ll have some “Fox News contributor” dipshit on, saying that the guy must be gay and therefore was somehow not courageous, not “manly enough,” etc, etc, -fill in any other talking point that implies gay = fearful girly man. It’ll be classic Fox News propaganda.

  30. Thom Allen says:

    Let’s just change it to, “Fuck them with a saguaro cactus.”

  31. Thom Allen says:

    When I read that Bergdahl took ballet, and liked it, I figured that it wouldn’t be long till the RepubliCONS decided that he must be gay. That will probably be the next step, because you know that the Taliban is run by the Gay Mafia and we’re all Satan worshipers and we caused 9/11, the financial collapse, severe weather phenomena and Benghaaaaaazi and therefore gay troops should be left behind.

    The RepubliCONS just feed off of each others’ BS and add to it with whatever fantasy that they can come up with at the moment.

  32. The_Fixer says:

    This F’n Keith Ablow guy (I refuse to call him “Doctor”) is a real piece of work. I have seen him repeatedly make “diagnoses” without actually seeing anyone in the flesh. He’s as bad as their other crackpot psychologist who got fired from one of her gigs for doing the saying that the murderer in California was a repressed gay. This guy is absolutely and completely irresponsible. His degree needs to be yanked.

    Taking ballet makes you a narcissist? What a ridiculous notion! This guy had better not hope to ever cross paths with me, because I will tell him to his face that he is a living example of a quack, and why.

    Idiots like him deserve no public voice. Which is, I guess, why he is on the Fox News Channel. He supports the narrative that Bergdahl is some evil jihadist convert.

    This is truly and thoroughly sickening. I think these people (and I use that term loosely) need to spend weeks on end in a darkened cage (for trying to escape) like Bergdahl did and see how they like being called a traitor. Their tune would change mighty fast.

  33. Joseph Styles says:

    Uh, “fucking” is pleasurable. Why wish these folks pleasure? Next time, just tell them to get “unfucked.”

  34. Max_1 says:

    I just call him Keith Ablow(me)…
    … Because he really does suck.

  35. Jim Olson says:

    Fuck them. Fuck them all. Fuck them all to goddamn hell. Fuck every last lying Fox news anchor, talking head and and producer. Fuck Roger Ailes. Fuck every last fucking one of the fucking idiots in America who watch and support this lying group of fucking liars. Fuck them all. They should shut their pie holes. They know nothing about this situation, and yet bloviate on for days about how we should have abandoned Bergdahl. They know nothing about supporting the troops, unless they are being used as cannon fodder for some corporate war. Fuck them. They know nothing about what it takes to support the troops when they come home, unless they are being used as backdrops for political speeches. Cutting spending on the VA. Cutting welfare benefits for the poor. Did you know that a significant portion of our troops families are on fucking food stamps? Fuck every single last fucking one of them. America is fucked. These fucktards are in charge, and will fuck us over until there is nothing left worth fighting for or saving. FUCK THEM ALL.

  36. pappyvet says:

    Uh huh. So by using the same ill founded logic the people who carry weapons to Round Table are psychotic and should be put away. If it’s feed for the goose…..

  37. crazymonkeylady says:

    They imply that he wasn’t a real man’s man. Maybe a fruit, maybe even a sissy boy. They just want to smear.

  38. crazymonkeylady says:

    Dr.Ablowhard is not a psychological genius. He is mentally deranged.

  39. cherylpet says:

    So, Republicans suggest it, the president does it, and PSYCH! Yeah, that is the American way! Repubes are the epitome of a-holes!

  40. Quilla says:

    What’s the new deal here? “See something. Say something.” ??

    Hey, I saw FOX inciting riots.


    Just sayin’

  41. Indigo says:

    Television has given us an unexpected insight into the hearts of the most vicious people living in our nation. Fox Television really should be R rated.

  42. AndyinChicago says:

    I feel like hyping the fact he took ballet is either homophobia or just enforcing gender binaries. Either way, ballet itself isn’t evil, but the way they’re talking about it sets off some kind of dog-whistle.

  43. Elijah Shalis says:

    They sure are in a hurry to smear this guy before the facts are in. If this guy turns out to be innocent then these people will go straight to hell. I took tap dancing lessons as a kid, does that make me a bad guy?

  44. Silver_Witch says:

    Oh my ballet lessons…proof positive he is a thinking person with feelings. There should be none of that. Goofy Republicans

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