Ellen on Bic’s lady-pens (video)

Dr. Thoma wrote earlier about a “laxative for women” he found at the supermarket, and when he explored further, it contained the exact same ingredients, amount of active ingredients, and dosage as regular laxatives, except it was pink and cost more.

Well, a reader pointed me towards Ellen DeGeneres‘ brilliant take-down of Bic’s “Bic for Her,” a product they announced in 2012. It’s pen, but made for ladies, and of course it cost twice as much as Bic’s man-pens.


Here’s Ellen, video below:

A new product from Bic, the pen company. And they have a new line of pens called “Bic for Her.” And, this is totally real. They’re pens just for ladies.

I know what you’re thinking: “It’s about damn time. Where have our pens been?” Can you believe this? We’ve been using man-pens all these years. Ycch.

And they come in both lady-colors, pink and purple. And they’re just like regular pens, except they’re pink, so they cost twice as much. That is absolutely true as well….

I was reading the back of the package. Well, I had a man read the back of the package to me, and it said it’s designed to fit a woman’s hand. What does that mean? So like when we’re taking dictation from our bosses, we’ll feel comfortable and we’ll forget we’re not getting paid as much? ….

They’re built strong enough for a man, but simple enough that even a woman can understand how to use them.


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  • dcinsider

    Love this.

  • woodroad34

    Oh, thanks! I thought I was just being too “ssssensssitive” to them. I use them to cut string and those little tags that come with new socks.

  • woodroad34

    Exactly….except it was put to me as the “boyish man look”…I guess it makes it better…buuuuut…..

  • Indigo

    Lest we forget:

  • Colin

    Tried that once Nicho and you are right. But I maintain that the best shave is no shave at all.

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  • mwdavis

    I have a very light beard (don’t mean that I’m less butch than of you guys, so don’t even start) so the light disposables last me a whole fuckin’ week each. Yeah . . . I would do the stubbly look if I could rock it, but well . . . you play the cards you was dealt.

  • Matt Rogers

    I am totally NOT seeing this video :-/

  • In other news, Berkeley Researchers Detect Smallest Force Ever Measured … at first I thought they were just looking at how Obama governs, but it’s really a lot more complex and sciency than that.

  • Denver Catboy

    Wow. So…a utensil that works identically to the black and white utensils I’ve used for years, that leaves little trails of black, blue, or red ink on paper, somehow costs twice as much because it’s *pink*?

    Ladies? Go buy a pack of regular bics, and a can of pink spray paint. You’ll get much the same effect for MUCH less cost…. >.> Or skip the spray paint entirely and just use the pens and say **** you to the exploiters.

  • Indigo

    I’ll try it!

  • nicho

    Use coconut oil. Makes shaving a lot more pleasant.

  • Oh god, I tried those disposable once when I was young, ripped my face to shreds.

  • It’s amazing what people are willing to pay to make one of life’s little inconveniences even just a teeny tiny bit less aggravating. And with the differences in skin texture, skin sensitivity, and hair texture, there really is no one-size-fits all for any kind of hair removal, unless you go right to laser treatments. I know people that have no problem at all shaving any part of their body with those old, single blade, Bic disposables, but to me those just feel like I’m ripping each hair out one by one and then setting fire to my skin. Costco bulk packs are definitely the way to go though.

  • I was actually shocked to find out recently how much razors are for men. Since I work at home, I shave like every 5 days or so. So I never really remember how much they are, since I buy a huge thing at costco and then it lasts me months.

  • How did you know? *blush*

  • Made for a man, but gentle enough for a woman :)

  • The marketers have been doing this to us for years and years…

  • Yeah but women’s razors (the disposable kind) used to be cheaper than men’s razors and they lasted a hell of a lot longer. I know – I found out by accident.

  • This kind of genderizing has been a marketing ploy used for years. Consider the deodorant/antiperspirant industry, the only difference in the products is the scent choice, otherwise products with the same ingredients all work the same way. Or Mansize Kleenex… because masculine snot is somehow different, requiring a different product for blowing one’s nose? Okay, well, maybe men have another use for them… but razors have been doing it for a long time. They all do the exact same thing, remove hair, but because they sell a pink one, it’s somehow only for women. Hair dyes, Rogaine, shampoos, soaps, and back to your supplement posts, multi-vitamins or hell, yogurt. Exact same products, but somehow if they put “FOR MEN” or “FOR WOMEN” on it, consumers keep falling for it.

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