Cool real-time map of live air traffic, worldwide

I love this stuff.

Last night I posted a live real-time map of lightning strikes occurring on the various continents.  Today, I give you, real-time updates on the whereabouts, and movement, of aircraft around the world.

This thing is amazing — here’s a screen shot:

by-default-2014-06-16-at-8.46You can zoom in wherever you want, and every 8 seconds the map updates, so you can watch the planes move — all of them:


And you can zoom an anywhere:

flight-path-featuredI LOVE this stuff.

And you can click on any one plane and see what it is:


It’s a great time to be alive.

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  • Tone

    Better survival odds on a train, particularly in the rear half. And it is more civilized.

    I spent too many hours cooped up in an airliner during my working career. If I never see the inside of one again I’ll be quite content. There is a whole world to be seen from the ground.

  • nicho

    Why? You like to live dangerously? You have a better chance of being killed or injured in a train than in a plane.

  • nicho

    Also, it’s a very small map of a very large area. If you zoom in on any specific area, you’ll see that the traffic isn’t quite as congested as the maps here make it seem. I use Flight Radar24 all the times to track specific flights. It’s quite good at that.

  • Tone

    I’ll just go ahead and add this to the list of reasons why I take trains.

  • Indigo

    Welcome to Orlando, BA2037!

  • It’s pretty amazing, though the number of planes up at once might just scare him!

  • Hue-Man

    The first thought I had was of the aviation map of North America on 9/11. Welcome to Gander, NL, Halifax, NS, Whitehorse, YT, Anchorage, AK.

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  • UncleBucky

    Hm. Yes, very interesting. And what is instructive is that all of those will with a very small chance of error, arrive safely at their destinations. I know one person who simply DOES NOT FLY because of focus on those flights that did have trouble or fatal outcomes. I will show them this.

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