Colbert says the Taliban prisoner exchange is like Hitler’s pizza party (video)

Since today is Taliban-POW-prisoner exchange day here at AMERICAblog, with all of our coverage of President Obama releasing several Gitmo detainees in exchange for the Taliban’s release of St. Bowe Bergdahl.

“That’s right, Afghan vet Bowe Bergdahl is safe, unless he needs the VA health system any time soon.”

I thought I’d post this video of Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert weighing in on the debate.

Colbert goes off on Republicans all spouting the same talking point that they celebrate Bergdahl’s release while condemning the fact that the administration got him released.


“It is a celebration that is also very troubling. Like a pizza party for Hitler’s birthday. Was it fun? Yes. Do I regret it? Of course.”

As we wrote earlier today, John McCain is among the Republicans who wanted us to negotiate with the Taliban, and release Gitmo detainees in exchange for Bergdahl, until McCain changed his mind after Obama followed his advice.

I wish Republicans could simply make up their mind about whether they do or don’t care about the troops. It’s so confusing sometimes. (Body armor.)

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