BREAKING: Presbyterian church recognizes gay marriages

In what is being called a huge development, the Presbyterian church has voted overwhelmingly to permit local pastors to conduct gay weddings where they are legal.

Religion News Service reports that the General Assembly of the church, which totals 1.8 million members, voted 76% to 24% for the change.

RNS adds that the decision won’t go into effect until a second vote, but that with the lopsided result of the first, victory is all but expected.

Of course, the haters had to have their say, now threatening to financially ruin the church if they don’t embrace bigotry.

The Presbyterian Lay Committee, a group opposed to marriage equality, issued a statement saying they “mourn” the vote, that “God will not be mocked,” and that Presbyterians should stop giving money to the church.

RNN says that the Presbyterians will join the Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutherans, and the United Church of Christ, all of which recognize the marriages of gay couples.

It really is the death knell for the haters when large Christian faiths decide to abandon the hate. It’s bad enough that the Republican party is clearly trending our way, but now Jesus is too.

And this, on the same day that anti-gay “traditional marriage” protesters showed up — or rather, failed to show up — in Washington, DC for a planned protest of gay marriage.

Failed former Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee joined a pitiful 2,000 people to denounce their party’s future. This would seem to indicate that Santorum and Huckabee might plan on running, and losing, again.

The Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi was there, and has some hilarious (and scary) tweets of photos she took:

I knew I recognized scary Jesus man from somewhere:


Anti-gay "traditional marriage" protesters outside the Supreme Court on June 19, 2014. (Photo by Olivia Nuzzi, the Daily Beast)

Anti-gay “traditional marriage” protesters outside the Supreme Court on June 19, 2014. (Photo by Olivia Nuzzi, the Daily Beast)

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  • Bill Perdue : Pedo

    Are you still into 5 year olds?

  • 2karmanot

    Ergo: religion is a mental illness.

  • AlexisKerryfyg

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  • LeftleaningTx

    Give your context I understand your point, My apologies

  • Badgerite

    Yeah, I know. But to me, this has always been pretty much of a no-brainer.
    Bought myself some Harvey Milk stamps today. Great fun.

  • bringing up the example of how every single infant ever born has no faith, belief, religion, whatever term you prefer, is an exceptionally strong point. it’s a shame you can’t understand that.

    the point is: the human mind is like a template, a storage device, a blank tablet, when it first arrives in this world. it has to be taught how to eat, shit, walk… and, if its parents want it to, how to believe in a divinity. those who are not taught of that are as ignorant of religion as those who are not taught of history are of things that came before.

    religion is a choice, as we like to say at a lot of gay blogs. it’s a choice people make after being exposed, or possibly brainwashed, to fictional characters by people in authority and/or trust. but no person is ever born with an inherent understanding that (god X) is real and needs worship, faith, and money. and obedience to his/her/its representatives here on earth. that’s what we call a “learned behavior.”

  • Buford

    None of this makes sense. Who gives a shit what churches think about gay marriage? Marriage is a civil institution, not a religious one… so the govt’s view of gay marriage is the only one that matters.

    So if a church doesn’t like gay marriage, tough shit. Pay taxes, and THEN you can influence public policy. Otherwise, any folks who support marriage equality but are upset that their church doesn’t should either, 1.) fight to change their church (and leave the rest of us out of that), or 2.) grow a pair, quit the church, and start thinking for themselves.

  • LeftleaningTx

    Wow that tve best got? I only saw the thread today. Your argument just got sillier. LOL

  • Jafafa Hots

    apparently you cared enough to drag up a two day old thread…

  • LeftleaningTx

    The Religious Right has lost the battle and lost the war and it pains them greatly with each loss. the loss of each state to gay marriage, the loss of each denomination that accepts gay marriage. In the end they will have fought for nothing because no one will be harmed, unless you consider a public business having the ability to discriminate a harm or loss.

  • LeftleaningTx

    Actually considering, it happened in lightning speed.
    Go ask someone on the religious right if you don’t believe me.
    That is if you can find one who’s head is not spinning from how rapidly the loss against equal rights happened.
    They are literally speechless.

  • LeftleaningTx

    Who cares ?
    If you are secure in your faith why argue about definitions. Makes you idea of faith look weak when it gets that petty. Using an INFANT to make your argument looks silly too.
    Many people have a great deal of “faith” that the is no supernatural deity plural or otherwise.
    Find something more important to argue about and keep your “faith” personal. Haven’t enough people already died in the name of God / religion ?

  • LeftleaningTx

    Ah don’t be so technical.
    Atheism is faith that there is no supernatural deity.
    If you are secure in your own faith why do you care ?

  • Badgerite

    About time! What took them so long?

  • BlueIdaho

    Religion brings out the evil in people. It can also make you stupid.

  • gratuitous

    This will be interesting. Conservatives have for decades threatened to withhold their financial support whenever denominations start heeding the radical socialist words of Jesus. I’ve heard numerous denominational officials say that they would love to widen their welcome, but they can’t afford to lose the financial contributions from the repressives.

    Now we come to it, the decision is about to be made. Will the conservatives really pull their money? Will it be offset by newly-energized and committed liberal Presbyterians? Have the conservatives really been contributing all that much, or as much as they think they do? As I said, this will be interesting.

  • Jafafa Hots

    I’m not the one claiming to know the “truth.” The religious people are.
    And the word used was “faith.” Not belief.
    People have and still do believe in at least 3000 different deities.

    How much “faith” are you using to not have a belief in Ilmatar? Tuonela? Rangi?

    An INFANT is an atheist. They do not have a belief in a god. Is their lack of belief in god itself a belief? Of course not.

    Atheism can include but does not require a rejection of god myths. It is simply the lack of a belief in them. Had you heard of Ilmatar? If not, you were still atheistic of that deity. You did not have a “belief” about Ilmatar, you simply were not an Ilmatar believer. Because you’d never heard of Ilmatar.

  • slideguy

    Atheism is simply another belief system. You can believe in many gods, one god, or no gods. But it’s still a belief about how the universe is. I happen to share it,

    One of the ways you can tell that it’s a belief is how emotional people get about defining. And yes. a-unicornism is a faith. It is an unfalsifible theory. Get back to me when you can show me the research that proves it.

  • Bill_Perdue

    They rebranded for money, in the sense that there are now more people who support us than oppose and they want to keep those donations rolling in. Cults that are too reactionary tend to dwindle in influence.

    Politicians do it for money and votes. The rebranding of cultists and politicians mean nothing unless they support a robust CRA or an ENDA free of the cult garbage added by Barney Frank.

  • SereneBowrageyel

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  • Indigo

    I see where the circus has come to town.

  • Bill_Perdue
  • Jafafa Hots

    Atheism is not a faith. Get your facts straight.
    A-theist = non-theist. Lack of theism.
    Is a-unicornism a faith?

  • Thor promised to get rid of all the frost giants.

    Last I checked, there were no frost giant sightings.

    He seems to have been a rather more effective deity than this Yahweh fellow, who can’t even keep his own followers in line, or give them a consistent message, or make it clear exactly which high school football teams are his favorites.

  • Louis E.

    I’m not at all religious (though not atheist,I see no credible evidence that the Infinitely First Cause writes books or founds official fan clubs for itself),and strongly disapprove of homosexuality.

  • slideguy

    Interesting discussion. Instead of being happy that a major church has come around, we’re treated to proselytizing atheists professing their faith.

  • slideguy

    This is big, and this is good.

  • Yeah but if I was omnipotent and omnipresent, I’d probably have had the foresight to realize that committing suicide by Roman was pretty futile.

  • Bookbinder

    Well, I am just overjoyed. Never thought I’d live to hear it.

  • Bookbinder

    But of you were God, wouldn’t you choose to have chiseled abs, too?

  • Lawerence Collins

    anything done to extreme.

  • Ninong

    None of the native people who lived in Palestine looked anything like the Northern Europeans depicted in European art. Men didn’t wear their hair long then and they weren’t blonds with long, flowing wavy hair.

    Men had much darker complexions and dark, curly hair that was much shorter than shoulder length. Blue eyes were certainly uncommon.

  • Hue-Man

    This is one “freedom of religion” case I would happily support!

    “The United Church of Christ (UCC), joined by a group of LGBT-friendly clergy and same-sex couples, has filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of North Carolina’s laws and constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.”

  • Indigo

    With Reverend Lovejoy leading them, the Presbylutheterians will be pleased. Marge will be puzzled and Homer will have a beer while Bart will be intrigued. Lisa will explain it to him later. Maybe she’ll get Nelson to help Bart with that.

  • FLL

    The Confederate side during the Civil War used the Bible to defended slavery, and for good reason. The abolitionists didn’t even try to deny the fact that the Christian Bible is profoundly pro-slavery because they couldn’t. Please refer to that Internet gem,

  • FLL

    I’m pretty sure modern Norwegians like Thor better. During the Viking Age, people wore Thor’s hammer as a pendant to signify their pagan faith. (And they still do today.)

  • TruthNotReligion

    Ah, yes . . . the “Norwegian Jesus”

  • TruthNotReligion

    There are ELEVEN denominations in the US with the name “Presbyterian” in their names.

    So . . . Presbyterians can’t even agree among themselves . . . who IS “a Presbyterian”. DUH.

    But at least one of these denominations made the right decision on this issue. And let’s be grateful that so many Christian denominations over the years have just ignored the PRO-slavery verses in the Bible … and the fact that in the Bible there are NO verses that are ANTI-slavery.

  • FLL

    Anglo-Saxon Jesus with blue eyes and dishwater blond hair!

  • pricknick

    It’s getting harder to pray the gay away everyday.

  • FLL

    Typical Mormon hypocrites. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young always struck me as con men. Not that the money-grubbing bunch in the Vatican are any better.

  • There were several variants, depending on the availability of local materials and/or current practices.

    Some were just a single upright post. Some had a crossbar, but affixed to the top or very nearly the top of the post. Sometimes it was just a crossbar hauled up into a handy nearby tree.

    There is, however, a great deal of disagreement among scholars as to what the original Greek term, “Stauros”, actually meant.

  • nicho

    Faith is often a bad thing. Believing that praying to a non-existent being will cure your appendicitis can be fatal.

  • nicho

    Of course, Brigham Young also said that marriage was a “civil contract,” but the Mormon cult has pushed that down the memory hole.

  • nicho

    I don’t know. All the photos I’ve seen of the crucifixion have a crossbar. That’s why they call it a cross. It would be really silly to sing “That Old Rugged Stick.”

  • The image of Jesus as a white guy with chiseled abs was a later invention too.

  • Same as ever, the homophobes will continue to insist that to be religious or spiritually-inclined automatically means one also disapproves of homosexuality.

    Here is proof yet again it just isn’t so. Sometimes it’s true, but obviously not always.

  • MyrddinWilt

    That guy with the crucifix looks like he is brandishing Jesus on a stick like he just stabbed him with it.

    Of course by a literal translation the gospels only mention the stick part, the crossbar is a later invention.

  • FLL

    Although I went to Catholic elementary school, I have no personal use for Jesus worship… um… to be politically, correct, Christianity. However, I will take note when individual Christians make outstanding contributions. And so, first prize has to go to Martin Luther, who was the first to insist that marriage is a civil institution regulated by the state rather than a religious institution regulated by the Church. It took a century for much of Europe to adopt Martin Luther’s concept of civil marriage: the Netherlands and the 13 English colonies in North America were the first at the beginning of the 17th century. Thank you, Martin Luther!

  • Lawerence Collins

    Faith is never a bad thing. It’s usually organized religion that’s poisonous. I welcome this. They get it.

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