Will GOP’s Carl DeMaio confirm he’s never used “bullying pejorative gay slur” term “Mary” ?

Republicans are trying to gin up support for anti-gay gay congressional hopeful Carl DeMaio by gay-baiting the gay community.

It’s a tactic DeMaio has used before when targeting Republican primary opponents who are pro-gay.  DeMaio, who brags about his support among the gay-hating religious right, seems to be trying to bolster his credentials among the virulently anti-gay GOP base.

In DeMaio’s latest attempt to gaybait his own community, GOP operatives are claiming that my use of the gay slang term “Mary,” when writing about DeMaio, constitutes “bullying” of DeMaio because “Mary” is, according to the Log Cabin Republicans, a “pejorative gay slur.”

The only problem is that DeMaio’s surrogate on Twitter is refusing to confirm that DeMaio himself has never used the “slur.”

Bloody Mary via Shutterstock

No Bloody Marys were bullied in the making of this pun. (Via Shutterstock)

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that “Mary” isn’t a slur at all, nor is it a word that’s ever used by homophobes against gay people.

And let’s put aside the fact that usually it’s Republicans who are decrying the “thought police” who want to regulate our ever word.

Let’s put all of that aside, and accept, arguendo (which means, just for argument’s sake), that the Log Cabin Republicans (a front-group for anti-gay Republicans) are correct, and that “Mary” is a “pejorative gay slur.”

Then Carl DeMaio and his life partner Jonathan Hale will have no problem coming forward and confirming that neither has ever used the “bullying” and “pejorative gay slur” term “Mary,” nor have they ever tolerated the use of the word in their presence.

A request for comment is in to Hale, who is acting as DeMaio’s surrogate on Twitter, and who contacted me first about my earlier article. At least initially, Hale is refusing to answer the simple yes-or-no question:


And the same confirmation request goes to the the Log Cabin Republicans: No one in the Log Cabin leadership has ever used the “pejorative gay slur” “Mary”?

If “Mary” is truly a “pejorative gay slur” that is so bad it’s tantamount to “bullying,” the Carl DeMaio, Jonathan Hale, and the Log Cabin Republicans should have no problem confirming that none of them have ever used the term, or contenanced it in their presence.

We await your response.

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