Cat saves little boy from dog attack, stunning video

I don’t usually post pet videos in the middle of the day, but this is simply amazing. Yesterday, a little boy in Bakersfield, California was playing in front of his house when he was viciously attacked, and dragged, by the neighbor’s dog.

What happens next? His cat Tara comes to the rescue, attacks the dog, and drives it off.

It was really quite amazing.


The boy needed a few stitches, but is otherwise okay. The dog is reportedly “under observation.” That’s pretty messed up behavior for a dog, let alone one that isn’t on a leash.

I’d be curious for feedback from the cat owners amongst us. Was the cat simply protecting his territory – the yard – from an interloper, or do cats actually protect people? (And don’t miss the bonus video below of a cat chasing off a bear from someone’s porch.)

UPDATE: I received an email from the ASPCA with some helpful tips for how to approach dogs, and how to deal with dogs that might be unruly:


1. Ask permission from the dog’s guardian before petting an unfamiliar dog.

2. Let a dog smell your hand before petting him or her. Then pet the dog on the shoulders or chest, not the head.

3. Tell an adult immediately if you see a dog off-leash outside. Do not approach the dog yourself.

4. If a dog does lash out, “feed” the dog your jacket, bag, bicycle, or anything you can put between you and the dog.

· DON’T:

1. Touch or interrupt a dog who is sleeping, eating, chewing on a toy or bone. Dogs are more likely to bite if they’re startled or frightened.

2. Go near or pet dogs behind fences, dogs in cars, or dogs chained or tied up in yards. Dogs can be protective of their home or space.

3. Panic. If a loose dog is running toward you, avoid eye contact with the dog and stand very still, like a tree, until the dog moves away.

4. Chase or tease a dog.

There’s more info on dog bites over at the ASPCA Web site.

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Someone on Facebook posted this video of a cat attacking a bear a few years back.  Really amazing.  (Oh and they didn’t let the cat out to get the bear, it was already outside when the bear arrived.  As for the laughing, I’m hoping that was because mom was with the baby and didn’t want to scare the kid – still, I’m not sure I’d have been laughing.)

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  • LanceThruster

    My cat’s name was Keba.

  • Spiritdove Smith

    I have 16 cats and owned and even trained cats all my life. Yes this cat did this to protect the boy but also because the dog came into its territory. The dog may have been young but it may have likely thought of the boy as a play toy by its size. The teeth are extremely sharp and on soft skin does damage. I dont think the 8 month old pup looked malicious in its action but is hard to see it very clearly..

  • Badgerite

    Oh please. Cat owners all know that we are their ‘territory’. They own us. We don’t own them.
    It is a little known fact that cats think they are ‘Godzilla’ when it comes to taking on any threat.

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  • Suki

    That cat was clearly rushing in to protect “her” kid. Not only did she suddenly appear at a crucial moment, and full on body slammed a dangerous and aggressive dog many times her size, but she also immediately turned on him to drive him off, as soon as she recovered her footing. Then, when she was sure she had the attacker on the run, she skidded into a U-turn and ran directly back to the child, taking a shortcut under the car to check on him and make sure he was OK. Next, you see her anxiously escorting him off the scene, as she keeps her eyes peeled for any signs of the dog. There is no mistaking what that cat was doing and what her intentions were.

    I am gratified that people can see this, but not surprised that it happened. My first cat, when I was 14 was a beautifulbut, big, fearless silver tabby. He did not trust dogs and would chase them away from our vicinity whenever he saw one nearby. He once went after a large German Shepherd. Not one dog ever even tried to face off with him. They all just turned tail and ran. I was in awe of this behavior, but also afraid for him. But he was also very good at listening and would leave off the chase when called.

    A Siamese cat I had a few years back was also very protective of me. One warm summer night, I was sitting reading on the living room floor with the front door open close by. I didn’t notice someone walking up the walkway, but Chiu did. He was in my lap and he got up, stayed parked on my thigh, looking towards the door, bristling up and growling. Normally, he was shy of strangers, but this time he stood his ground and warned me of the approaching intruder. It turned out not to be one, but he thought it was and stuck with me and warned me. Cats can be so very cool if you find a really good one. The lesser ones are a joy to know too though.

  • keirmeister

    Don’t be an asshole.

    Wait, I looked up some of your other posts. Easier said than done I guess.

  • And in modern times in the US, cats are to blame for 1-2 cases of human plague infection per year. Mainly in the southwest, four-corners region of UT, CO, AZ and NM, but also in most of the western states. Just another risk of allowing your cat to roam freely. They can pick up many different pathogens from other animals, rodents and insects, and then bring them back to the owner’s home. If there’s ever going to be another large-scale outbreak of something like plague, cow pox, monkey pox, or the various nasty flus, like H5N1, in a country with modern medical facilities like the US, irresponsible pet ownership is the perfect vector.

  • keirmeister

    Wow, you feeling butch now? We should all bow before your obvious massive manliness – one which no obvious sense of humor could permeate.

  • LTowelie

    I would expect gross from a woman, but a man? Grow some balls

  • LTowelie

    Don’t be a pussy

  • cole3244

    you are more like that mad dog than you realize.

  • Mark_in_MN

    What point?

  • cole3244

    you made my point for me thanks for being so cooperative.

  • Mark_in_MN

    Oh, don’t be ridiculous. I never said any such thing. I don’t take pleasure in putting animals to death, including pet dogs. But human safety in a community is more important and sometimes it’s an unfortunate but necessary action to protect others (and even the pet’s owners/family).

  • cole3244

    unlike you i don’t get pleasure out of putting animals or humans to death.

  • Mark_in_MN

    It seems to me that you have a strong desire to see something that isn’t what’s shown in the video because you’re determined to not see the dog euthanized. The fate of the dog, not what is seen in the video, is what is determining your comments. The photos of the deep bite do not correspond to your claim about grabbing the kids shorts. It’s too low on the leg and too deep for that.

    Besides, the question I asked was actually a more general one, not necessarily about the details of this particular attack.

  • dcinsider

    Thanks just wondering it looked counter-intuitive to me.

  • ShaneEasterigg321

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  • cole3244

    gallows humor, expected and not surprising.

  • cole3244

    first i realize the dog is aggressive but i don’t think its vicious.
    he needs to be put in an environment where he won’t be around a dense population area so i would evaluate him and see if there is an organization or an individual that would give a place to live without pts right now.
    the wounds were clean and not shredded and i believe he bit the boy while grabbing the shorts which he held on to while shaking his head from side to side, if he wanted to bite the leg the damage would have been much worse and not as clean as they were, i always give the animal the benefit of the doubt because i know the fate if you don’t.

    if he was really vicious a cat would not have stopped him from his attack imo.

  • HeartlandLiberal

    I discovered this morning using NoScript with FireFox I was not seeing all videos embedded in the articles at the site, this while reading your followup post today. I looked for the video referenced in this morning’s post, could not see it, had to further adjust NoScript, then it appeared.

    Keep browser secure while supporting and trusting sites selectively has become a royal pain.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Not since the children are grown.

  • ottnott

    Riiiiight, the dog was thinking “damn, screwed up again and got a little too much meat with the pelt”.

  • ottnott

    Doesn’t it get a little crowded up there on the table???

  • mambocat

    I am an animal care professional and I cannot comprehend people who think that OTHER animals’ feelings are so very different from our own. Animals love, fear, suffer, grieve, play, experience joy and even laugh. I agree, it is sad that we are getting to full-on security in so many cities and suburbs, but 24/7 security systems have captured some amazing things unrelated to security — animal behavior situations like this, sightings of endangered species, amazing tornado videos, humorous human encounters, and some unexplained things as well. Multiple-camera systems for private homes are getting cheaper all the time, so no doubt we will be seeing more of this kind of thing.

  • mambocat

    She appeared to run to the front of the parked car and toward the retreating dog, probably to continue chasing it off. The child ran into the house.

  • mambocat

    Indeed it was a body block. Cat put itself between the dog and the kid. “Charge” is an animal behaviorist term for the cat attacking the dog; and the sports term “body block” applies well to the resulting action. As soon as the child was out of the dog’s jaws, the cat had the chase ON!

  • Mark_in_MN

    So what would you do with a dog that attacks someone, completely unprovoked?

  • cole3244

    its not my cup of tea but if that’s what it takes to make your day so be it, sleep tight.

  • Dr Glickman

    Cats are generally credited with saving mankind during the 14th century during the black plague by killing off rats carrying the fleas transmitting the bubonic bacterium. Just another day at the office for Tara.

  • If you think I hate animals, you don’t know me at all. I do, however, recognize the necessity sometimes that an animal cannot be allowed to live with or near humans, having lost the quality of being domesticated.

    And releasing it into the wild isn’t an option.

  • Linda

    I was on my deck with my cat and a feral cat that I fed from time to time. My cat tolerated the feral cat until he hissed at me. Boy did my cat go after him. Chased him and beat him up.That was the last time I saw the feral cat..

  • cole3244

    as long as the animal haters get their revenge all is well, your anger can be muted now.

  • judybrowni

    I had a cat that woke me when an intruder came into my house, which probably saved my life.

  • I’m not angry. Well, maybe a little. But the dog will be put down after the 10-day quarantine period is over. They probably shouldn’t have used the more vague but less disturbing term ‘evaluated.’

    To the credit of the neighbors, they did try to keep this dangerous dog penned up, but it escaped when the driveway gate was opened. And they’re the ones who called 911 after the attack, plus voluntarily surrendered the dog to Animal Control.

  • FatRat

    Cool video! Tara is one sweet cat; she didn’t appreciate having her leg pulled, but didn’t cause a ruckus. The antithesis of Damien from SNL. lol

  • cole3244

    try to hold your anger, keeping a dog for rabies is a week not ten days so keeping him for 10 days is unusual that was my query.

    i’ll try to not upset the apple cart next time.

  • Sean

    I’m amazed at the all video-all the time, but gratified by the cat saving the boy. We had two Siamese and a Collie growing up, and I’ve always been pissed off at people who insist people are COMPLETELY different from animals. Evidence like this incident show that isn’t true. And you’re story is terrific too.

  • Perhaps not, but the visuals of the bite wound did serve a purpose. At the least, it should convince disbelievers that the dog didn’t just grab the kid’s pants for a friendly game of tug-of-war.

  • I concur. Dog hears noise. Dog looks under minivan. Dog circles around the back in a slightly crouched position, then immediately jumps on the kid when in range.

    There was no sound, but judging from the very clear video, I believe we can reasonably assume the dog was not barking or growling until it attacked.

  • Jeffrey Karter

    Found an “interview” with the cat and her boy:

    Cat is totally sweet. Kid is cute, too.

  • Holy cow, you’re right

  • FatRat

    That cat didn’t charge the dog. That was a full on sideways body block, that separated the combatants. I’d expect that move from a football player or a Greco Roman wrestler but not from a cat. I had to watch that several times to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. Kudos to that cat!

  • OH yeah there’s a great video of the cat swatting that we put up maybe a year ago.

  • mambocat

    Wow, you are talented! Great job!

  • or24

    Clearly humans do not have a monopoly on altruism.

  • mambocat

    It was Derrick Todd Lee in Louisiana. Look it up. Or it may have been Sean Gillis. They were both stalking and killing women in the Baton Rouge area at the same time and they both got caught and convicted. I couldn’t tell much about the intruder, just a shadow shaped like a man coming through the curtain. BTW, cats usually ignore the mail carrier. Cats get territorial with other cats on their territory. A dog sees the mail carrier and delivery people as a PERSISTENT invader to his territory. Some indoor cats will swat at the mail carriers’ fingers coming through the mail slot in the door. :-)

  • Because in veterinary and animal control parlance, ‘evaluation’ does not mean “Watch the dog to see if it has violent tendencies and then release if he’s really a sweet, misunderstood snookums who merely has a few easily corrected behavior problems” but rather ‘Watch to see if it has rabies or some other disease it could have passed on to the kid whose leg it just mauled open to the muscle.”

    I can see your sympathies lie with the dog and possibly want to blame irresponsible neighbors. Quite honestly, it wouldn’t matter if the dog was kept leashed or penned in a yard. Knowing he’ll violently attack small children — or anybody — is reason enough not to give any further benefit of the doubt.

    California dog laws are pretty clear: Any dog that attacks unprovoked and causes injury resulting in severe lacerations and multiple stitches will be designated ‘vicious’ — and put down as a consequence.

  • Carmela Stricklett

    A lot of people affectionately name their dogs “Killer” and some people name their cats “Mittens” but their dogs are not in fact murderous and their cats do not, in actuality, have winter wear on their paws. Just sayin’ . . .

  • mambocat

    Security cameras usually are set for 24/7. This is the age of EVERYTHING on computer. It seems that more people here are amazed at the presence of video cameras than at the fact that a cat saved a child from an attacking dog.

  • Carmela Stricklett

    OMG, did you ever find out the identity of the killer? (Please don’t tell me it was Bundy or something because I will not sleep ever again.) That is effing terrifying! I am a life long cat lover but I am extremely allergic. I have a dog who I am sure would risk her life for me, but she is convinced that every delivery man is evil and must be killed. I love that you said cats will ignore mailmen because they don’t sense danger. Dogs are awesome but can’t always detect subtleties.

  • cole3244

    if its too be evaluated how do they know it will be pts now?

  • AnneMarie Dickey

    Numerous news sites report the dog is being evaluated for 10 days and then will be put down. The dog is dangerous and could have mauled the child to death if the attack had continued any longer.

  • Dick_Woodcock

    I had a bad ass cat once upon a time.
    I witnessed him rescue a neighbor cat from a dog attack.

    I also saw him tear up a pit bull’s face. Gave the dog 15 stitches, according to the owner. In this case, my cat was the aggressor, not the dog. We warned our friend to not let his dog wander around our yard because of our cat. He basically said to not worry about our “little kitty kat”, his dog wouldn’t hurt him. No he wouldn’t.

  • mirror

    Thanks for posting this, John, in your ongoing series, “What are Cats Up To?” It’s a good one.

  • Guest

    I painted this while chilling in Club Fed for an LSD sale the DEA objected to. I hope to paint a copy on my garage door soon

  • cole3244

    sorry to hear that , irresponsible owner & animal pays the ultimate price.

  • emjayay

    We’ll all be safer when we turn the whole country into Dodge City.

  • emjayay

    Particularly I’m guessing in nicer subdivisions in the San Joaquin Valley from Stockton to Bakersfield. Car theft capital of the US. I am resisting any suggestions of the reasons why.

  • emjayay

    Yes, that was edited from several cameras.

  • Swami_Binkinanda

    I was hunted down by dogs one time when I was a kid and this was the same MO. I was rescued but had to toss my 501s-two English Sheepdogs in the neighborhood were in the habit of stalking and hunting people and one knocked me off my bike while the other grabbed at my leg just like this kid, but only got a jeans flap (these were real 501s in the early 80s, tough as nails). The other I fended off with my bike, but if a guy in a sweet Opel baby corvette hadn’t stopped and hucked rocks at them and drove next to me all the way home I probably would have had a worse experience. The dogs eventually killed some other dogs and bit off a woman’s thumb before being spirited out of town by the wealthy but scummy owners.

  • keirmeister

    That was definitely a cat protecting her own (including the human). There’s often something about cats and young children….I dunno what it is.

    When my wife was pregnant, our cat at the time became VERY protective and would nuzzle my wife’s belly as if on lookout duty.

    Great video…but did we need to see the bite wounds? G-R-O-S-S-S-S-S-!

  • Sandia

    I saw an update that animal control picked up the dog for observation. However, the dog was very aggressive. The dog will be euthanize.

  • cole3244

    you gleaned all that from the video, you should be on ncis you picked the wrong profession.

  • mambocat

    I have friends in Bakersfield. LOTS of crime. I’d have a security system, too.

  • cole3244

    well said.

  • LOL

  • Holy cow. What a story!

  • PeteWa

    poor kid, but what a great feline friend he has!

  • mambocat

    There is no reason the mother can’t handle a gun, my friend.

    Seriously, this is better handled through the courts so a precedent can be set in the community so that an existing leash/confined yard law can be better enforced or so that a leash/confinement law can be put into place if the community has none at present. It is a natural emotional reaction to want to kill the dog immediately, but if an animal behavior professional evaluates the dog and declares it to have a high prey drive, and a judge also sees this video, a judge can execute a court order to euthanize the dog, and you don’t get in trouble for taking the law into your own hands, which is highly possible if you go over to the owner’s house with a gun in your hands (not to mention that the owner may in turn respond with gunfire.) Unfortunate incidents like this, properly documented and brought through the court system, have helped us draft VERY good animal control laws in our own community. Once a statute is in place, animal control can pick up other dogs in future incidents, and the AC director can decide if the dog should be put down.

  • cole3244

    i think if you look closely his shorts went down to his knee and thats what the dog was going for, i have been bitten multiple times as a mailman and if a dog is intending to hang on to flesh and is vicious the damage would be much worse as i speak from experience.

    but i understand your take especially since its a little boy.

    i hope there is a follow up so we get more info about the relationship between the neighbors and the action taken.

  • mambocat

    I am an animal professional. That is the behavior of a dog with a HIGH prey drive. Dogs with a high prey drive can and will attack ANYTHING smaller than themselves. That dog should never have been out loose.

  • LanceThruster

    The cat’s counterattack reminds me of stories of dolphins ramming sharks with their snouts.

    Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

  • mambocat

    Exactly, my fellow Deadhead.

  • She was trying to chase the dog away.

  • Respectfully, I disagree. The bite was mid-calf, with teeth marks showing. The pants ended at knee level.

    Hey, I’ve said it before: I love dogs. But this one’s behavior was both inexcusable and evidence of being dangerous.

  • mambocat

    Watch the longer video and see the dog from the other side of the car, watch its approach and see the gashes on the child’s leg. I am an animal behavior professional. In no way was that play solicitation behavior or bike chasing. The dog saw the child on the bike and circled the car to attack from behind. That is HUNTING behavior. When a cyclist PASSES a dog, it can trigger chase response. The child was not moving fast enough to trigger a chase response, and the dog first saw the child from the other side of the car — from a position of cover. That dog has a high prey drive; it was even shaking the child’s leg the way dogs do to break the neck of small prey.

  • mambocat

    Mom was clearly outdoors with the child but out of camera range. She reacted very quickly. This is not the fault of a “negligent” mother, it is the fault of the negligent owner of a dog with a VERY high prey drive — if you watch the longer video with another camera’s view, the dog sees the child and circles the parked car to attack from behind — that dog HUNTED the child. The cat and the mother came from the same direction. The cat was probably “supervising” Mom while she weeded the garden, painted a bookshelf or whatever else she was doing out of camera range.

  • mambocat

    I am an animal behavior professional. I have worked as a humane enforcement officer, adoption counseling, behavior evaluation and as a pet behavior consultant (I go to your home and work with you, I do not “train” your pet.) This cat’s posture was to drive off an immediate threat. This was not a territorial display. The cat CHARGED, and briefly followed the dog to be sure it ran off. Years ago, before everything was caught on tape, I took a report on an attempted coyote attack — a woman’s cat charged a coyote who was stalking their elderly dog, sleeping in the sun in its own yard. She was gardening, and had let the pets out so she could watch them (both stayed indoors primarily) and she saw the coyote approach. The cat charged at full speed from the side, raking the coyote’s nose with its claws. In my own life, I am convinced that one of our cats saved my life. Years ago, during a time when a serial killer was on the loose in our city, this cat awoke me by urgently swatting at my forehead without her class extended (I was sound asleep at 3am, and my husband was working night shift, so I was alone). I woke up and she started running back and forth toward the kitchen, looking back as if to say, “follow me.” I got up and heard a strange sound, so I did not turn on the lights (I see well in the dark, and you don’t want to “light the stage” for a possible intruder — you know your way around your own house in the dark, the intruder does not). When I got to the kitchen I could see the silhouette of a man through the curtained kitchen window. Someone was VERY QUIETLY trying to undo the old-fashioned kitchen door lock. My cat threw herself at the door, yowling furiously, and I shouted that I was calling the police. The man dropped something metallic, and I heard running footsteps. I called the cops and my husband, then got my gun and waited indoors. When the cops arrived they found that he had been trying to pry the lock with the chainsaw adjustment tool which had been accidentally left on the porch. A few days later a woman in our neighborhood was murdered. (This guy liked women with long straight brown hair — he was eventually caught). NO one will ever convince me that that cat didn’t save my life. There are also many incidents of cats waking up families when the house was on fire. When presented with real danger, as opposed to, say, Jehovah’s Witnesses or the neighbor on the porch, cats can react impressively. A dog will bark at the mailman or a salesman (territorial behavior), while a cat will usually ignore them because they do not sense danger. It has been my own experience that females are generally more protective than males, but that is only empirical experience and not hard data.

  • Sean

    I wondered the same thing about that amazing video system. Could they have had previous trouble with the dog? (If the fear was about crime, why video tape during an afternoon when the family is home?)

  • cole3244

    the dog obviously bit the leg when grabbing on to the pants and thats where you see it shaking its head from side to side, if the dog was going to hold on to the meat of the leg the damage would have been much more severe. i wonder if the child and dog have a history since the attack wasn’t while the boy was riding on his bike.

    my first cat was turned over to animal control because of a bite release, he was the most gentle friendly cat i have ever had, sometimes humans expect animals to put up with things we as humans never would.

    if the dog has a history of this the dog should be held accountable if not the owner should be for not having it on a leash if that’s the local ordinance, i certainly hope they don’t give it the death penalty.

    i guess the fear & hatred of cats will recede at least for a little while until this episode is still in everyone’s mind.

  • dcinsider

    Why did the mother run away from her son after the attack? Wouldn’t instinct make you grab the son and run?

  • mambocat

    Not a police state. Just another family who was sold a home security system with a few outside cameras. It is also quite common for such security systems to come pre-installed in newer subdivisions these days.

  • saglaker

    Many cats and birds are just as bonded to their families as dogs. We had a cat chase a dog who was barking and our other, more shy, cat. They can certainly be protective of people.

  • Hate to say it, but this video you posted is identical to the first one in John’s post above.

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Here is a YoutTube video showing from two angles, and at the very end of the video, after some text following the attack itself, a couple quick shots of the wounds, which were not what I would call minor, on the kid’s leg.

    Also fascinating how this video illustrates everyone copies and steals from everyone else’s videos on YouTube. There were a couple dozen when I checked, all copies of copies of copies, many with errors in the copied or thrown together description. Apparently this was in Bakersfield, California, but one video had changed the state to Indiana.

  • Indigo

    I have no idea but it’s reported from Bakersfield, Calif. That’s a heavily populated part of the country, I hear. It’s not the local norm where I live, we have busy-body neighbors instead.

  • Indigo

    Good kitty!

  • I’ve found that many people’s pets are named long before that pet’s personality fully manifests.

    The absolute worst cat I ever met was named Mr. Fluffy. I used to joke, “The ‘fluff’ exists only to conceal claws and teeth on hair-trigger deployment.”

  • milli2

    “Trouble was the most friendly and cordial of cats”

    But yet you named him Trouble? :)

  • milli2

    What a camera system they have going there. I live in the boonies where crime rarely happens, is this kind of surveillance the norm now?

  • We live out in the country and I’ve seen coyotes hunting. A lot of folks think of the traditional ‘wolf-pack’ stalking behavior when they imagine canines hunting, but the reality is it’s more often just an opportunity. Coyote spots rabbit on other side of bush, circles around, jumps and attacks.

    For a second, watching the video, I thought I was seeing a coyote.

  • Vicki

    I’m not clear on whether the dog was “hunting” the child, or he just didn’t like the tricycle. He might have been after the tricycle and unfortunately the child’s leg got in the way. I don’t think the video provided enough clarification on whether the dog should be put down.

  • Er… First of all, the mother did react rather quickly. But secondly, really? Children can’t play outside at all anymore without an adult hovering literally over-top them?

    This wasn’t a case of neglect by any stretch of the imagination. And short of putting children into little plexiglass prisons, there’s no way to keep them — or anybody else — 100% safe.

  • acelopez

    Two different surveillance cameras on the house.

  • From the video, she comes running up immediately – looks like she was in front of the house, maybe working on the yard, when it happened. She responds almost instantly, so doubt she was inside.

  • Yep, that dog hunted that kid. And the owner surely knew the dog had some issues before this attack, yet the dog was still off the leash.

  • Did you watch all the way to the end of the video? That kid had a very deep puncture-laceration, the kind only produced when a dog grabs on and throws his head violently from side to side. While itself not life-threatening by any means, the injury itself was pretty serious.

  • sandee

    WOW and yes….GOOD KITTY! Im glad it was not worst. But….a little boy in a bike by himself, where was the mother? There are too many pedophiles, sadistic people out there who can take this little boy. Second….where is the irresponsible owner of this dog who attacked the poor little boy?

  • I’m not a ‘cat person,’ so I’m not anything like experienced enough with them to speak as to their usual motives, but it does seem to me like that cat definitely was looking to protect the kid.

    But the dog? I love dogs and I’ve seen them exhibit all kinds of behaviors. A dog that is simply protecting its territory will bark and growl, look aggressive, and might nip. That’s what a dog will do to another it sees as ‘not a member of my pack.’ Way back in the 1970s, I used to deliver newspapers and had more than my fair share of encounters with dogs that wanted to drive me off.

    Sometimes, a few of them will turn feral. Unfortunately, that invariably means the dog can’t ever be trusted around humans again. Not when they’ll seek out, knock down, bite hard and drag some kid while doing that flesh-ripping head thrash — because that’s exactly how wild canines kill their prey. Target of opportunity, surprise, disable.

    I’d say in all likelihood that dog being put down is just about a foregone conclusion. The ‘under observation’ is probably to see if it has rabies or some other disease which could both explain the behavior and/or dictate additional treatment for the kid.

  • HeartlandLiberal

    You win the Internets for that today!

  • LanceThruster

    She was very low maintenance and just wanted to do what she wanted to do. The same gesture if done by an adult (running towards her shrieking “Kitty!”) would send her scurrying but when approached by a child (with me admonishing the child to “be gentle“) would have her staying put to allow the child to pet her (however reluctantly).


    “Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.”

    ― Christopher Hitchens, The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever

  • Paige Marie Harkema

    That dog needs to be PTS.
    Sorry, in this situation, the dog shouldnt be able to live another day,
    A dog that basically HUNTS DOWN a child toddling around on a tricycle, minding his own business, NEEDS TO BE PUT DOWN !

  • More like hunting just the kid’s leg… The boy was lucky because the dog, just before the cat charged him, started doing the “kill shake” on his leg. If he had a chance for a few of those the poor kid could’ve lost a big chunk of his leg.

  • LanceThruster

    Thanks, John. The chart in the vet’s office shows that it’s about 115 in people years. She was pretty spry right up to the end. I called her my hamster cat as her routine in her ‘golden years’ was her bed, her bowl, and her box. She could have operated inside a Habitrail.

    Found this vid the day after she was buried that I thought was pretty touching, and strangely enough, looks quite a bit like my property. She will be forever under starry skies in the high desert.

    Space Kitty has merged with the infinite!

    She is even (along with rest of my family) on the name chip on NASA’s Stardust probe.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I wouldn’t allow my cat to eat on the counter. She can eat on the table like the rest of us.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Cats are very good with toddlers and young children. Somehow they know that they are human kittens. I’ve seen youngsters pick up cats by the neck, and the cats not fight back.

  • SL Abrin

    Somebody is getting wet food for the rest of his/her life and will be eating ON the kitchen counter.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I considered that as a possibility.

  • cole3244

    it looked to me like the dog was grabbing the pants and pulling not actually trying to bite the leg still scary to be sure. the owner should be made to keep the dog under control but some owners are irresponsible and the animal suffers the consequences.

    the cat was most likely protecting its territory (probably knew the canine) as most will do if not neutered and left outside which imo is a no no as a longtime cat rescuer and sharer of my abode by multiple felines.

    an outside cat has a much shorter life span than an inside one and they kill many birds which is their nature but avoidable by a responsible cat person.

    the woman laughing in the bear video is an idiot, the bear was just looking for food and the cat was again protecting its territory and the bear could have easily hurt the cat if it so desired.

    we need to show all animals respect rather than always assuming the worst and giving them human qualities for their actions, they are better than us and without malice in all situations imo.

    thanks for the video and its good no one was injured seriously in either one.

  • What the dog did was VERY strange. He basically hunted the kid. Now, a lot of dogs don’t really like kids, but going up to the kid like that was awfully weird.

  • Police state?

  • I’m amazed that she was good with toddlers, if she wasn’t particularly friendly with anyone else. I know with dogs, kids are often who they ARE afraid of (though Sasha likes kids – though she’ll scoot away from them when they get too touch, which is better than growing of course). And sorry to hear about your cat – 24 years, that’s a wonderfully long time.

  • Chuck from PA

    Adult cats will protect members of their family. Females with kittens and intact males (Tom cats) very strongly. When I had a broken leg, surgically corrected, and could not deal with my multi-level apartment, I transported my cat Trouble and myself back to my parent’s house to recover. I was asleep in a bedroom and Trouble, who recognized I was sick, was in the center of the doorway guarding me in this strange house. My mother chose to ignore Trouble’s growling to try to look in on me. Trouble interpreted this as a sneak attack by an unfamiliar person and attacked my mother, biting her and chasing her away. Under normal circumstances Trouble was the most friendly and cordial of cats, typical for an intact male raised in a loving house from when we was a kitten. My whole family laughed about this story for years and knew I had a great watch cat.

  • I notice the cat’s tail is upright & all puffed up. Probably to have the effect of appearing larger than it really is?

  • LanceThruster

    I’d be curious for feedback from the cat owners amongst us. Was the cat simply protecting his territory – the yard – from an interloper, or do cats actually protect people?

    I think it was protecting the boy, not the territory. Cats know when it makes more sense to retreat for safety but this seems to me a clear case of coming to the rescue.

    You don’t want no shit, don’t start no shit.

    I had a cat of 24+ years (she just passed quietly in her sleep last week) who was not a people person (other than her own ‘people’) who would scoot if someone approached her, but she knew toddlers had ‘special status’ and would sit quietly and put up with their attention. They get it. Tara knew her peeps needed help and rose to the occasion in the blink of an eye. Smart and fearless kitty.

  • Cats have very set ways/rituals for meeting threats to their territory or dealing with threats from other animals. They never rush in like this cat did. What the dog was doing was also weird — it’s like he just wanted the leg as if it was independent of the rest. Not like going in for a kill…

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    That’s weird. How are they able to show both sides of the car?

  • LanceThruster

    Bad ass cat!

    Don’t grab the bull if you don’t want the horns.


  • I didn’t really understand what you meant by this: “for all the other reasons like territory, interloper cats have a different ritual to confrontation.”

  • One of mine is an avid cockroach hunter. He doesn’t get too many opportunities but when he gets one he almost grr-rrr-rrs at me when I try to grab it away and dispose of it even when it’s already dead.
    I was successful grabbing a baby snake away from him last year, not so lucky this year when another one got in (I have NO idea how they get in!). Our cats never go outside so I’d rather he stick to cockroaches. The other cat — well, he hunts kibble.

  • In the audio, which you can find elsewhere, the cat is actually screaming “get the F away from my lunch!” ;-)

  • GlennF

    The cat haters, and you know who you are, are not going to like this one bit.

  • My cat swore up and down that he was simply protecting the bird that I had to grab out of his mouth this past weekend!

  • That wa a protective full on charge because for all the other reasons like territory, interloper cats have a different ritual to confrontation. This cat just rammed the dog at full speed no questions asked…

  • gogonomo

    That child’s father needs to go over and put an end to that by shattering that dog’s head with a bullet or shotgun blast.

  • Catghazi!

  • John, it’s all anti-canine, cat-winger propaganda!

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