Cat saves little boy from dog attack, stunning video

I don’t usually post pet videos in the middle of the day, but this is simply amazing. Yesterday, a little boy in Bakersfield, California was playing in front of his house when he was viciously attacked, and dragged, by the neighbor’s dog.

What happens next? His cat Tara comes to the rescue, attacks the dog, and drives it off.

It was really quite amazing.


The boy needed a few stitches, but is otherwise okay. The dog is reportedly “under observation.” That’s pretty messed up behavior for a dog, let alone one that isn’t on a leash.

I’d be curious for feedback from the cat owners amongst us. Was the cat simply protecting his territory – the yard – from an interloper, or do cats actually protect people? (And don’t miss the bonus video below of a cat chasing off a bear from someone’s porch.)

UPDATE: I received an email from the ASPCA with some helpful tips for how to approach dogs, and how to deal with dogs that might be unruly:


1. Ask permission from the dog’s guardian before petting an unfamiliar dog.

2. Let a dog smell your hand before petting him or her. Then pet the dog on the shoulders or chest, not the head.

3. Tell an adult immediately if you see a dog off-leash outside. Do not approach the dog yourself.

4. If a dog does lash out, “feed” the dog your jacket, bag, bicycle, or anything you can put between you and the dog.

· DON’T:

1. Touch or interrupt a dog who is sleeping, eating, chewing on a toy or bone. Dogs are more likely to bite if they’re startled or frightened.

2. Go near or pet dogs behind fences, dogs in cars, or dogs chained or tied up in yards. Dogs can be protective of their home or space.

3. Panic. If a loose dog is running toward you, avoid eye contact with the dog and stand very still, like a tree, until the dog moves away.

4. Chase or tease a dog.

There’s more info on dog bites over at the ASPCA Web site.

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Someone on Facebook posted this video of a cat attacking a bear a few years back.  Really amazing.  (Oh and they didn’t let the cat out to get the bear, it was already outside when the bear arrived.  As for the laughing, I’m hoping that was because mom was with the baby and didn’t want to scare the kid – still, I’m not sure I’d have been laughing.)

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