Puppy discovers doorstop. Trust me. (video)

Puppy discovers doorstop.

60 seconds of non-stop oh-my-god.



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Well, apparently someone changed their FB settings and killed the video. So, instead I offer you, YouTube puppies playing with doorstops!

This one is particularly cute:

This little guy is pretty engaged too:

Ooh, a compilation!

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  • Ednahilda

    Our littlest cat loves, loves, loves to go up into our attic, so occasionally I let her. Not sure what the thrill is, but if it keeps her happy . . . . When she’s ready to come out, she reaches a paw through the gap under the door, grabs the spring doorstop and gives it a boing to let us know we need to open the door for her.

  • Oh god that would be funny, in retrospect ;-)

  • No one takes my puppy video away from me and gets away with it!

  • JeffAtMinetfiber

    Video is no longer visible/available. :-(

  • S1AMER

    We used to have a cat that loved bopping these things in the middle of the night. Invested in rigid doorstops so we could get some sleep. Cat not pleased, moved on to other noisy nocturnal games.

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    Massive hugability

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    Canine Kindergarten.

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