Possible huge new meteor storm Saturday morn 2AM-4AM ET

NASA is reporting a huge new meteor storm named “the May camelopardalids” may be visible this Saturday between 2am and 4am Eastern time US.

Some say there may be as many as 200 meteors per hour, or even as many as 1,000 if there’s an exceptionally good burst.

The meteors should emanate from a faint cluster of stars near the North Star, called the camelopardalids. You should be able to see that cluster due north of you, up in the sky. Here’s a nice sky chart, courtesy of Sky and Telescope:


The meteor storm could start early or go late.

And here, courtesy of a NASA video I share below, you can see what that portion of the sky will look like at 1am and 2am ET Saturday morning:



NASA has a video about the meteor shower here:

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