The mean kitty song (video)

While I’ll admit to a bit of intentional irony with this post vis-a-vis the previous post about the difficulty of getting Web traffic when writing about “important” issues like the kidnapping of 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria, I also found this video funny in view of my recent experiences with my nephew’s demon-cat back in Chicago.


As was to be expected, demon-cat went full-evil on me as I was packing and getting ready for the airport.  I had to walk around with the water bottle for an entire hour before heading to the airport, as someone must have realized this was the last chance she’d get to draw blood.

I just don’t get cats.  I love animals.  And I truly like cats when they’re not drawing blood.  But I just get the impression these things need another 10,000 years of domestication before I revisit the topic on whether they’d make good pets.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve met nice cats.  Chris and Joelle’s cats in Paris are wonderful.  But damn if demon-cat isn’t just a psychotic little rhymes-with-witch.  And the hair.  And the scratching mom’s furniture. And then there’s the turbo-powered pee that you can’t ever wash out.  I’m just having a hard time fully appreciating the allure, is all.

Then, just a couple of hours before leaving for the airport, I’m in mom’s kitchen, and hear Sasha whining from the other room with her “dad, I need help” whine.  I walk in and find this.


Demon-cat terrorizing Sasha in the hours before we leave for the airport.

Yes, KC, aka DC, has trapped Sasha yet again, this time on the couch.  This video shows a bit more:

So in honor of KC, who my nephew is very likely going to have to give away, as he can’t have her at his mom’s, where he’s staying the next few months, and my mom refuses to keep her much longer, I gave you “Mean Little Kitty,” the video:

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