Anti-gay (former) HGTV stars: “We love homosexuals, Muslims,” hate their “agenda”

The adorably-pastel-shirted Benham brothers, sons of anti-abortion extremist Flip Benham, went on CNN to clarify that they truly love the homosexual and the Muslim. What they hate, however, is the homosexual and Muslim “agenda.”

The Benham boys, David and Jason, are smarting from the cancellation of their new home-flipping show on HGTV, after word leaked out of the Benham’s anti-gay, anti-abortion, and anti-Muslim activism, as first reported by RightWingWatch.

David Benham even compared the fight against gay marriage to the fight against Nazi Germany. (Don’t recall that one in the Bible.) And then invoked the Leviticus passage that calls for gays to be put to death.

The Benham boys, doing heterosexuality proud in their pastel shirts and perfectly coiffed hairdos.

The Benham boys, doing heterosexuality proud in their pastel shirts and perfectly-coiffed matching hairdos.

As is always the case with these folks of late, they’re now claiming that they’re the real victims.  Because their victims stepped up and got to them first.

The Benham’s line, which is typically self-deluded, is that 85% of America is Christian, so how come all these gays and Muslims and pro-choicers keep getting their way?

Um, because 85% of America isn’t YOUR kind of Christian.  This is a common fallacy on the far-right.  They think they speak for God, and all Christianity, without realizing that they’re relative newcomers to the whole Christian game, and that lots of faiths, Christian and otherwise, don’t share their hatred of gays and Muslims, and don’t get terribly involved in the whole abortion debate.

The Benhams also pulled the victim card out, because it’s a terrible thing for freedom when a minority gets in the way of you denying them their freedom.  If this keeps up, everyone is going to want to be free.

Though perhaps my favorite part was when the Benham boys said they don’t hate gays, they’re against EVERYONE having premarital sex. Of course, what the BB’s didn’t bother mentioning is that they’re also against gays get married (one assumes), so in fact their position is against gays having sex, ever.

As for the “we love homosexuals” and Muslims, but hate their “agenda” line, I guess that must work for the far-right hate crowd, but I wonder if it truly resonates with the political middle.  I wasn’t aware there was a gay agenda, or a Muslim agenda for that matter.  There clearly is a Benham agenda, however, and it really doesn’t complement HGTV’s audience of suburban moms and gay men, who are far more comfortable with tolerance than they are the venom of two wolves in rather-gay clothing.

But hope springs eternal, I’m sure there’s someone left the boys can try to oppress.

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