Nigerian “Taliban” kidnap 300 schoolgirls, threaten to sell them

Islamic terrorists kidnapped 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria last month, as part of a larger terrorist insurgency to take over northern Nigeria and turn it into a medieval Islamic state governed by sharia law.

The story hasn’t gotten much attention until now. I hadn’t hard about it until this weekend, but it’s finally catching the public eye.

The Nigerian government, led by President Goodluck Jonathan, has done little to find the girls.  But the Nigerians did manage to arrest someone protesting the government’s lack of action in finding the girls. AP reports that Nigeria’s First Lady ordered the arrests. The First Lady then suggested that the kidnapping never happened in the first place, and were simply a hoax.

Keep in mind that Nigeria is the country vying for worst homophobe in the world, basically banning anything and everything “gay” earlier this year, at the urging of white American religious right leaders.

Nigeria is also the country in which extremist “Christians” kill their children to stop them from becoming witches, and declare gays to be “satanic.” These good Christians are mostly Anglican and evangelical.

A happy group of schoolchildren leave school to work in the fields in the area of Akwa Ibom in the south of Nigeria. Lorimer Images /

A happy group of schoolchildren leave school to work in the fields in the area of Akwa Ibom in the south of Nigeria. Lorimer Images /

The group that kidnapped the girls, Boko Haram, says that western education is “sinful, “and that the girls will be sold on the open market.  Some of the girls have reportedly already been sold into marriage.  Child brides are common in the region, as they are in several Middle East countries, such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Boko Haram is also called “the Taliban” locally.  The group’s former leader, who reportedly drove a Mercedes, explained some of the group’s literally flat-earth views to the BBC a while back:

“There are prominent Islamic preachers who have seen and understood that the present Western-style education is mixed with issues that run contrary to our beliefs in Islam,” he said.

“Like rain. We believe it is a creation of God rather than an evaporation caused by the sun that condenses and becomes rain.

“Like saying the world is a sphere. If it runs contrary to the teachings of Allah, we reject it. We also reject the theory of Darwinism.”

Sound familiar?  Now, granted, religious right Republicans down in Texas, Mississippi and Alabama aren’t kidnapping young girls, but boy their theories of God and science sure sound familiar.

Because of the Islamic insurgency, and Nigeria being a member of OPEC (and having large gas and oil reserves), western governments seem loathe to push the country too hard on any of these issues.

It is, however, interesting that a country and government that have no respect for its gay citizens also have no respect for little girls.  Dehumanization, sadly, tends to be an equal opportunity sport.

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