You know gays have won when a drag queen runs for office as a Republican

You know gays have won the culture war when a former drag queen is running for office in North Carolina as a conservative Republican.

Yes, by now you may have heard tell of Miss Mona Sinclair (aka Steve Wiles), who’s running for the North Carolina state Senate as a conservative Republican.

Wiles’ claim to fame is having pushed for the successful passage of a statewide ban on gay marriages in 2012.

In addition to being a raving homophobe, Wiles is also a former drag queen, and former promoter for the “Miss Gay America” pageant (the organization kicked him out a few years ago).

My recreation of conservative GOP candidate Steve Wiles as a drag queen (with all due apologies to RuPaul).

Steve Wiles has a message for the unemployed: You better work! (Source: My artist rendition of conservative GOP candidate Steve Wiles as a drag queen — with all due apologies to RuPaul.)

Wiles, who refers to his former life as a female impersonator as simply “an embarrassing job,” tells the local press that his drag days were a youthful indiscretion, and that he still stands by his support for the anti-gay amendment.

Wiles’ primary election is this coming Tuesday, May 6.

Business Insider was able to grab a copy of a note that Wiles reportedly had posted on Facebook (I could no longer find it), in which Wiles defends his work as a drag queen by noting that he lives in an expensive part of North Carolina and “I had to have a job!”

So you chose dressing as a woman in a gay bar. WWRRD?

Oh where to begin.

First off, for those who don’t like it when we make fun of anti-gay gays, well, this is not some innocent teenager. He’s a conservative Republican politician who has openly worked to deny gay Americans their civil rights.

And while I get that some are trying to turn intolerance into a human right (LGBTI?), I think we do a disservice when we whitewash bigotry in order to placate some misguided sense of fairness to the patently unfair.

Steve Wiles wasn’t worried about fairness when he helped ban the civil right of marriage in North Carolina for gay couples.  No more than former Mozilla head Brendan Eich was worried about fairness when he donated $1,000 to the Proposition 8 campaign in California, which not only repealed the already-existing right to marry, but was also intended to dissolve 18,000 already-existing legal marriage of gay couples in the state, many who had children.

And it’s not like everyone is clamoring to leave racists alone.

The real fairness is treating (homo)homophobes the same way we treat other bigots in America. And it ain’t with a hug.

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