Little boy saved by cat does adorable TV interview (video)

I reported yesterday on the amazing story of little 4 year old Jeremy Triantafilo who was viciously attacked and dragged by a neighbor’s dog, when suddenly Jeremy’s own cat, Tara, came running to the rescue, attacking the dog, and ultimately chasing it away.


Jeremy ended up with some pretty bad bite marks, and stitches, but fortunately was okay.

There’s more on the story now, including the name of the boy, and the fact that the dog will apparently be put to sleep, after a ten-day period to make sure it doesn’t have any illnesses.  The dog is an 8-month old puppy, a lab/chow mix.  The owners were leaving to go out and the dog slipped away from them.

Jeremy and Tara did an interview after the attack. It’s not terribly informative, and is awfully cute:

As for Tara, one of the readers noticed that the cat basically body-blocked the dog. So I went and looked back at the original video from the homeowner’s security camera, and put in slow-motion, and you can see the cat basically attack the dog head-on, then turn sideways and slam it. It’s pretty amazing.


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