The Deer Whisperer (video)

Some people were hunting for Native American arrowheads in the woods in Kentucky two weeks ago when this happened.


The baby deer, or fawn, looks like it has been around people before, judging by how obviously it was nudging the lady. And I know it’s bad to get animals accustomed to people, but still, this is awfully adorable.

And then after you enjoy the deer video, check out Louis CK’s take on deer, that David Frum tweeted me (“they’re rats with hooves”). You’ve been warned, it’s a tad edgy :)

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  • evodevo

    It doesn’t look like a fawn to me – we’ve got tons of deer running around our area. It looks a lot older – don’t know why it’s making up to the woman – they usually run like crazy if they are not ill or dying.

  • cole3244

    your thinking their reaction to cars is out of stupidity shows how stupid you are.

  • UncleBucky

    No, deer are not rats in the stereotypical sense. I think that deer are SQUIRRELS with hooves or that squirrels are deer in the making, should they get the ecosystem that supports a development into a bigger animal one day. After all, ALMOST ALL mammals were as tiny as squirrels, including equines, deer, and so on, AND US.

  • ninjakiller

    Actually the opposite is happening. Their population is exploding, they have no natural predators left thanks to us, and contrary to your statement, our expansion has increased their habitat. The parks and fields are perfect feeding areas they wouldn’t have, and just a small strip of wooded land is all they need for cover. Their reaction to cars is based out of stupidity, and their population is getting bigger with less threats the stupider and weaker are surviving diluting the pool overall.

  • ninjakiller

    They are rats with hooves. You hit one or two with your car and yet a strong burning desire to see them dead.

  • CorinaGingerovo

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  • Dear god.

  • Ok that’s funny, just edited the piece, thanks!

  • garygdw

    We hang a bag of blood meal from the tree. They won’t come near it.

  • Those repellents are basically just a solution of garlic, or citrus, or wintergreen, with something soapy to make it stick, that supposedly deer find offensive… generally hit or miss at being effective. Still better than the snake repellents marketed by the same companies, which are a complete scam.

  • One problem is simply that deer that have grown up along roadsides, and constantly hear and see traffic, do not equate cars passing as a threat. Another is that deer actually have fairly poor eyesight, and limited depth perception. Then there’s the problem that, being crepuscular, their eyes take in much more light than ours, so they are momentarily blinded by headlights – and since deer can see in a much wider arc than we can, they can be blinded even if not directly facing the light source. When blinded, they tend to freeze in place. When startled, they tend to panic and bolt randomly. Neither are good reactions around fast moving traffic.

  • cole3244

    you obviously misunderstood my comment since i didn’t think you were being facetious, that’s why i compared you to some comedians but alas i judged you wrong that was a promotion, my bad.

  • The_Fixer

    If I understand your comment correctly, you think that something in my post was intended to be funny. It wasn’t, it was merely relating my experience with deer, based on my regular sighting of them and regular contact with them.

    In the last line of your post, you seem to be taking a shot at me. If you were, it would not be in keeping with the spirit of camaraderie generally seen on these pages. I won’t return the favor in spite of the fact that I could do so.

    In keeping with that spirit, I won’t respond to any reply that you may make.

  • cole3244

    they are pretty dumb but not compared to humans, they are running out of food & areas to exist in and when they cross roads they become terrified by cars and headlights and freeze in their tracks.

    it seems some comedians need to be a$$holes to be successful, you would be a good comedian.

  • emjayay

    Pretty funny.

  • timncguy

    The deer repellant “Liquid Fence” really works as long as you remember to reapply it as directed.

  • Bose

    Worth clarifying: They were hunting for native American arrowheads, not hunting with bow and arrow.

  • The_Fixer

    Oh, they’re everywhere around here in the Northeast of Wisconsin. I even see them in the suburban areas. They are also pretty damn dumb. We’re coming up on prime deer vs car collision month – June. As I drive through the rural roads on my way home from work, I keep one thumb on the horn button, and a finger on the dimmer switch. I kill the brights as soon as I see one, and hit the horn. That seems to chase them off.

    I see quite a few of them when I am on my bicycle on the way home late at night. That’s kinda scary as some of them seem to be a little insane and there’s really no protection when you’re on a bike. I’d not be able to outrun one, that’s for sure.

    One night in particular I was rounding a curve in the road and my bike lights surprised a fawn. I was going at a good clip and had to hit the brakes hard. The bike brakes howl something awful when you do that, and the fawn went head-over-heels when they started howling. The fawn got back up on its feet, and scrambled off. I could see the what was probably the fawn’s mother in my headlights down the road a little bit. Deer are unpredictable – a mother whose fawn is threatened is even more so. I was pretty scared and hightailed it out of there in case she got irritated. Deer can do tremendous damage to a car, I’d be toast on a bicycle.

    Having lived in rural areas, my attitude is closer to Louie CK’s (though I’d never shoot one). They really are a pain in the ass if you have any regular contact with them, though.

  • 4th Turning

    Bambi’s okay but cats is better.

  • pappyvet

    Very adorable indeed. Thanks always for these John. After the weeks worth of news it always brings a sigh of relief and a smile when you post these.

  • BillFromDover

    Personally, I’d go with a tock check.

  • saglaker

    They are most definitely “rats with hooves.” I’ve had to give up having many favorite fruits, vegetables, shrubs, and flowers in my yard. Palto is right . . . a tick check is most certainly in order.

  • Palto

    If I were her, I would go straight to check for any deer ticks I may have picked up after this cuddlefest.

  • kingstonbears

    Oh hell, first time I watched it I thought he was talking about Republicans, especially the dick sucking part. Then I realized I was wrong. Oh well, I’m also old.

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