Clay Aiken is running for congress in NC — and good for him

So I’m watching Stephen Colbert report on the upcoming midterm congressional elections, about which Democrats are a bit worried, based on the polls and concerns that younger voters, who tend to vote for Democrats, may sit this one out.

And what do I learn? That Clay Aiken is running for Congress, as a Democrat from North Carolina.




Aiken, who is openly-gay and a proud dad, hopes to challenge Republican House Member Renee Ellmers, who ran a campaign ad claiming she would single-handedly stop a mosque from being built near Ground Zero in NYC. Nice lady.

The Democratic primary is May 6, only a few days away.

Below is Aiken’s video announcing his run, followed by Colbert’s take on the midterms, including his take on Aiken.

You know, my first impulse was to chuckle when I heard that Clay Aiken was running, but then I thought – why not? Good for him that he wants to make a difference. As I witnessed during my time on the Hill, there are a lot of bad people and a lot of good people, and they all can make a difference if they’re any good at their job. So it’s better to get the good people there, because we’ve all lived through the bad. And regardless of how bad you think Democrats are, how did you like living in George Bush’s America?

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