Cat says “hey” (video)

Another fun start to another day.


This cat just wanted to say “hey.”

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  • therules

    Don’t let him tease you like ALL the rest.

  • Bookbinder

    Sounds like he’s saying, “Gay.”

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  • 4th Turning

    Lest we inadvertently overlook our furry two-legged critters.
    Does anyone know if there is a Nat’l Pelt Day?
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  • The_Fixer

    Yes. A friend of mine has a little dog that looks very much like a larger version of your Sasha. He likes me, and whenever I visit, he “talks” to me. It’s not barking (although he does a little bit of that). He’s quite vocal and seems to be telling me that he’s glad to see me.

    Of course, the tail wagging is a major clue, too :)

  • My Sasha talks. It’s very strange. But there are specific sounds for specific desires and emotions.

  • The_Fixer

    My roomies once had a cat that said “No” in a rather plaintive way. I asked her if she wanted something (I forget what) and she responded with “Noooo!”. I offered her something else, and she gave me a short “meh”, which meant “yes”.

    She didn’t do it very often, but there was at least one other time that she gave me an emphatic “no”. It was clear that she knew what the word meant, and used it only when it was important to her.

    I honestly think that they have their own little language. One of their current cats always greets me with the same series of meows in the morning. They may not be skilled in our language, but they do know how to talk in some manner.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    So you have met my cat.

  • milli2

    “Hey (get the f- out of bed and feed me!)”

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  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    That reminded me of something I use to do to make my husband laugh. Our cat always ran to meet us at the door, and I would greet her with, “Heeeey, girlfriend.” It never failed to make my husband laugh. He was easy (in more ways than one).

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