Anderson Cooper destroys Amy Kushnir (Dallas TV lady who doesn’t like gays kissing on TV)

We’d reported last week on Dallas morning-show TV host Amy Kushnir. She’s the good-Christian-lady who stormed off the set because she was so incensed that NFL draftee Michael Sam, after finding out that he’d been picked to play for the St. Louis Rams, kissed his boyfriend in a moment of joy on ESPN.

Sam and bf posted a pic of “the kiss” on Twitter (they had just squished a celebration cake in each other’s faces, wedding style).

Michael Sam kisses his boyfriend.

Michael Sam kisses his boyfriend.

Kushnir proclaimed that ESPN would never show straight sportsmen kissing their female partners, so I dug up some photos of just that. For example, these straight people weren’t kissing on ESPN. Nor these straight people. And these straight people weren’t kissing on Fox Sports. Nor were these straight people on Inside SoCal. And this straight skier didn’t kiss his wife Nina in celebration of his victory at the Olympics. And this quarterback did not kiss wife.

And these 10 couples, including the two below, were never shown kissing on ESPN.


Well, Kushnir was having none of it, so she stormed off the set in the middle of the show:


At the time, I went through Kushnir’s Facebook page and found some very interesting photos, including the very-Christian-lady bopping around with some half-naked strippers.  Like this:


Well, last night Anderson Cooper weighed in on the controversy.  And Anderson showed, among other things, the video that I think Towleroad found first, of Kushnir and the strippers.  Not only did Kushnir appear on TV with half-naked male strippers, but she kissed them, on TV, in front of the children.

ANDERSON COOPER: “It’s okay, she was kissing strippers. And she didn’t even really know them. It’s not like two guys who are actually, you know, in love or anything — that’s offensive.”

Here’s the video of Anderson going after Kushnir, it’s quite special.

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