Aircraft hangar fire-suppression is totally cool — foam everywhere! (video)

A video of how aircraft hangars handle fires. It starts off so-so, then becomes awfully cool, fast.

aircraft hangar fire suppression

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  • karlInSanDiego
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  • 4th Turning
  • Jim Olson

    Of course, if this goes off in a real-world situation, you’ve got more to worry about than damage from the foam.

  • Tone

    Foam party!

  • Jim Olson

    I expect there is an anti-foam compound they can spray on it that will break the foam down pretty quickly. It may even do it itself and just need to be hosed down.

  • cole3244

    overtime for the clean up crew.

  • The_Fixer

    After I watched that, all I could think of was “Now who gets to clean that stuff up?”

  • pappyvet

    Oh that’s too fun. I want some.

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