Things you say to dogs that would be creepy if said to people (video)

Another of the hilarious “things that would be creepy” videos from Buzzfeed.

This one is, things that you say to dogs that would be creepy if you said them to people.

creepy dogs

These are awfully good. There are a ton of them on YouTube, some better than others. This one is pretty good. As was the last one I posted, “Things cats do that would be creepy if you did them.”

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  • 2karmanot


  • Mac and Sandy

    This is also another good vid

  • BuddyNovinski

    Actually I used to practice the second person singular on our dog. “Doest thou want to go out?” She was a Schnauzer, so sometimes I’d say the German equivalent” “Moechst du draussen gehen?”

  • Indigo


  • doug105

    cat friend vs dog friend

    I could so fall for dog friend.

  • heimaey

    LOL the poop part.

  • Rick Roberts

    He’s so cute.

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