Things cats do that would be creepy if you did it (video)

A great video from Buzzfeed of things cats do that would be really creepy if a human did it.


Both guys are hilarious.

I honestly laughed out loud.


My favorite, of course, is the bag full of dead animal.  As longtime readers of this site will recall, I was presented once, by Chris in Paris’ cats, with the glorious gift of a half-dead pigeon one summer a few years back.

It was 11pm, I was still busy writing, alone, and the cats thought it would be a neat idea to bring me an injured bird, which then proceeded to fly all over the apartment, losing feathers and blood along the way.

Funny thing about pigeons: You’d think you could trap them with a sheet or blanket? Not really. My solution: those French salad spinner thingies.  No, I didn’t spin the pigeon.  But it was quite effective having a dome with a handle on it to invoke the Cone of Silence over the thing.

Then there was the time the cats brought me a live cricket…

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