Some scary videos of the tornados in Arkansas, Mississippi

I decided to look around for videos of the horrific storms that hit Arkansas, Mississippi and a number of other states on Sunday and Monday.


It’s hard to find original video, since everyone on YouTube just steals everyone else’s YouTube video (and reposts it with far worse quality). It’s not really clear why YouTube permits this. YouTube, which is owned by Google, has been hyper-vigilant about targeting pro-gay videos, but when it comes to people who obviously steal content left and right (it’s always the same YouTube users posting this stuff), YouTube seems to do nothing about it. I find that odd.

As an aside, I tried repeatedly to contact Google recently, through a number of their communications staff and employees on the inside, about them repeatedly taking down pro-gay videos on YouTube, and Google outright refused to even talk to me. I’ve never had a company simply refuse to respond when contacted with an obvious problem, especially one involving a civil rights issue.  It was pretty astounding, and really changed how I view the company.  There’s a hubris there, and an unwillingness to even help on, for example, gay rights – gay rights! – that’s rather chilling. And sad.

Anyway, here are some (I think) original videos I was able to find.

Here’s some scary footage of some storm chasters trapped in the middle of the Vilonia, Arkansas tornado that killed a number of people in the cars surounding them. (It’s not entirely clearly why the video isn’t longer – it seems to stop, and not because the storm stopped it.) It’s amazing that cars keep driving towards an obvious tornado crossing the road in front of them.

Drone video of the damage in Arkansas:

Video of a tornado crossing a highway in Mississippi:

ABC report on one Arkansas town that was destroyed:

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