An & Ria take their hilarious first flight at ages 72 & 78 (video)

An and Ria are 72 and 78 years old, and neither has ever flown on a plane before. Thanks to Vodafone, they just did.

This video is just wonderful.

It documents their first-class executive jet trip to Barcelona (they’re Dutch). And the women are a complete hoot. They’re something out of a comedy show, and didn’t know each other before the trip.  One is Oscar and the other is Felix. Get these ladies their own TV show!


I LOVE these women. Start watching the video around the 5 minute mark. Before that, they’re just talking about their impressions of what it might be like to fly, and other stuff. The real fun starts at around the 5 minute mark when they arrive at the airport.

Felix is on the left, Oscar is on the right.











Then they arrive in Barcelona.




Then the one (Felix, as I call her) gets on the iPad to tell her husband, via video, about the trip, and she starts crying.


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  • Indigo
  • TheOriginalLiz

    wonderful – those two are quite the characters, aren’t they?

  • Tone

    This made me laugh, and cry. Who cannot help but laugh along with Ria? What joy for life she has! What a sense of adventure! I can’t get my husband to even ride a mountain tram much less ride a rollercoaster, I have to do all those things by myself. He’s my An.

    And it brought tears as well because it reminded me of my first flight when I was four. Dad was teaching at Dalhousie and we were traveling from Vancouver to visit him. I remember having a window seat aboard an Air Canada DC-8. I could barely look over the edge of the glass. I was so excited I bounced in my seat as much as I could and exclaimed in that loud enthusiastic voice that four year old children often have, “mommy we’re flying, we’re FLYING!” and I giggled and bounded in my seat some more. And I wonder now where that innocent little boy with such joy for life went?

  • jm2

    i wanna go on An & Ria’s next trip! they are a hoot! LOL!!!

  • TampaZeke

    No, no, no. Watch the WHOLE thing! It’s a wonderful 9 minutes of joy.

  • MichaelS

    Just brilliant — I want to travel with those ladies!!
    Now I need to wipe some tears :-)

  • cole3244

    very nice video, tears of joy by a lady.

  • Nice

  • Tor

    Thanks, John. That was so sweet. Happy Friday!

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Thank you. My late husband was bit like An. Except when I talked him into something like flying, he totally loved it after a few minutes. Ria looks like a great traveling companion.

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