Mom gets life for beating 3 y.o. son to death, thought he was gay

Jessica Dutro was just sentenced to life in prison for the beating death of her 3 year old son, Zachary, one day before his 4th birthday.

Prosecutors say Jessica asked her boyfriend, Brian Canady, to “work on” the boy “big time,” because she feared he would turn out gay, based on the way he walked and talked.

The two then kicked and punched little Zachary, according to his older sister. The boy suffered five broken ribs, then received the fatal blow to his stomach that ripped his intestines.

Then the family ignored this injuries until Zachary was beyond help, and only then called the ambulance.

Jessica Dutro

Jessica Dutro

A search warrant turned up a mesasge the mother wrote to her boyfriend on Facebook about her son: “hes (sic) going to be a f*g he walks and talks like it ugh it p*sses me off.”

Again, the boy was 3 when they beat him.

The beating happened three months later.  It was instigated, prosecutors say, by the boyfriend becoming angered by an argument with another resident of the shelter they lived in.  He then took his anger out on the boy after Zachary refused to sit in front of the TV as directed.

Among other things, Zachary was kicked in the stomach.

The boy suffered for two days before they called an ambulance.  He had diarrhea and vomiting, and then developed difficulty walking and staying alert. It was only after he fell unconscious that they called for help.

Doctors say the boy would have likely lived had his mother and her boyfriend called for help sooner.

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