The little elk that could (video)

This is a great video.  Someone in Montana filmed a huge herd of elk crossing a rural road, when one of the elk just couldn’t jump the fence.  It tried and tried, and just couldn’t do it.



The stuck elk starts around the one minute mark. It’s painful to watch it try again and again, to no avail, to jump the fence.

But rest assured, the elk finally makes it. But what was most astonishing was that several of the elk appear to have waited for the straggler. I can’t believe it was anything else.  Really amazing.

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  • 4th Turning

    I’ve been following the suspenseful recovery/restoration effort for quite awhile as you have-
    including alligators, Calif. condors, black-footed ferrets, red wolves, whooping cranes, raptors-
    something finally worthy of our species.
    The decline of bees is not usually mentioned in climate discussions but it will soon likely have
    a devastating effect. Game animals will once again be hunted into oblivion in very short order.
    Anyway, I loved earlier stories of Ted Turner buying up all those defunct cattle ranches out
    west, rolling up thousands of miles of barbed wire and hauling it off by the semi-load for
    “free-range” bison herds… Don’t ever pass up the chance to keep this conversation
    going even if others tire of our message. It’s very impt. again as I think you’ll agree.

  • The recovery and proliferation of large game species is one of the great success stories of conservation efforts. Millions has been spent on maintaining and restoring habitats. Much of that effort is now sadly being reversed by climate change. Less snow, hotter summers, prolonged periods of drought, are all putting stresses on populations. Changes that are even trickling throughout the ecosystem to other species, like plants and birds. How long before sights like this one are a thing of the past?

  • Island In The Sky

    The other elks were like, “dude, back up and RUN at it!!”

  • cole3244

    that was the sound of cell phone calls bouncing off of towers.

  • Tor

    Although faint in the video, you could hear the calls.

  • Tor

    That actually made me cry.

  • emjayay

    I keep falling asleep before the end.

  • 2karmanot

    A couple of years ago I spent some time with a cousin, who has a cabin on Laramie Mountain in WY and saw virtually the same thing as we were descending. A huge herd of Elk traversing . It was stunning and beautiful.

  • 4th Turning

    I was adopted similarly by “my” flock of wild turkeys which allowed me to come within a few ft.
    as long as I kept walking and didn’t make full eye contact. Once when I be sick as a dog
    and lay out on the porch swing, at least 1/2 doz. hens came up and squatted down in
    the grass within a few ft. They use to bring their little fellers in shortly after hatching
    in June for a proud show-and-tell just like human moms.
    Our state has amazingly reintroduced Elk into the wild. So much sad irony in local
    place names, ie. Elk Creek, Buffalo Creek, Wolf Ridge, etc.
    Will never forget my first trip into downtown Jackson Hole and coming upon that
    weird Elk antler extravaganza… Recalling those 19th Cen. photos of the mts. of
    buffalo skulls set to be ground up for fertilizer, I was shocked to say the least.
    Only much later did I learn about the Boy Scouts and others gathering up
    the annual shedding.

  • Buford2k11

    These are my neighbors…they let me photograph them for a while, then they wander off to bed down for the evening…Jr. the one with the horns, is always kidding around…Mom, the cow in center, is telling jr. to keep moving along…It is a humbling experience to be so near these majestic animals…and when they start barking and whistling, I know they are talking about me….

  • cole3244

    the elks that waited must have used their cell to call and remind it to stop being a dummy and catch up.

  • Max_1

    And cole,
    it appears that it was the car passing by that ‘spooked’ the elk to retreat a distance.
    Did you notice the look of the elk when it realized it could now get a running leap at it?

  • cole3244

    that was nice of that one vehicle to stay back so it didn’t interfere with the elks crossing or scare the one that was having trouble.

  • vickif

    I used to live in Elk Grove Village, IL. It’s a suburb of Chicago. We really have a herd of Elk like this but they live in a forest preserve so people can’t bother them.

  • 4th Turning

    Wolf pack ordered out obviously preoccupied with americablog.

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