Another large quake – 7.8 – hits Chile

UPDATE: Another large quake has hit Chile, a little over 24 hours after the first one hit. The quake, an estimated 7.8, hit at 10:43pm ET US.

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A huge 8.2 earthquake has just hit Chile at 9:04 ET US.

The entire coastline of Chile has been evacuated as a tsunami warning has been issued, and is expected.  A tsunami warning has also been issued for Peru and Ecuador.

Chile has 4,000 miles of coastline.

There are already waves reported 6.5 being reported off the coast.

This is reportedly video of the quake hitting (obviously it’s difficult to confirm these videos):

And here’s video of the Chilean coastline with the tsunami warnings going off:

chile tsunamiJust to give you a sense of how huge the Chilean coastline is:


Nearby populations affected:


And here’s NOAA’s tsunami propagation forecast – note that New Zealand, the small islands to the east of Australia, is in for some potentially large effects :


NOAA also has a fascinating map of how long the tsunami will take to reach various location, including 17 hours to reach Australia, and 15 hours to reach New Zealand.


It’s interesting to look at just how many quakes have occured in only the past two weeks:


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  • Max_1

    With all that shaking…
    … You’d think it was Mardi Gra again.

  • BillFromDover

    Could it be that Mother Earth is trying to warn us about something?

  • pappyvet

    I can only hope the best for the people .

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    I thought the same thing. There must be something I don’t understand about wave amplification, like if as the wave reaches the shore it piles up more and amplifies exponentially.

  • Tatts

    I don’t think New Zealand really has anything to worry about. Look at the scale of the map, The orange color represents a 4″ rise in sea level (10 cm). The yellow areas are about 2 inches. Scientifically interesting, perhaps, but hardly noticeable in real life.

  • Indigo

    Scary stuff!

  • AZ2CR

    We live in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, a couple of hours from the coast (Central America; CR is just north of Panama). The CR Pacific coast has a tsunami warning from 10:40pm-12:00m. (Currently it’s 9:50pm here.) They are saying the wave could be nearly 7-feet near the epicenter. And the CR Pacific is THOUSANDS of miles from the double-quake off the Chilean coast!

  • paaat

    Ahhh… apparently the first video is also from 2010….. gosh dern internets

  • paaat

    I’ve seen that second video before. It’s from the 2010 earthquake in Chile measuring 8.8.
    I also remember the video going on longer and things getting much worse…

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