What happens when a guy asks random guys for a date (video)

Gutsy. This guy decided to shoot a video of what happens when he asks random guys on the street for a date.


He really went diverse – young, old, black, white, foreigners, you name it.

It was sometimes painful to watch, for me at least. I was brought up in a generation where you just assumed everybody was straight, and that if you got it wrong… well, it wasn’t always safe to get it wrong.  There’s a reason a lot of us developed gaydar.  For our survival.

The responses were really interesting. Most guys reacted well, it was California after all. One African guy went all Bible-thumpy on him. A few “not gay” guys decided it would be fun to experiment. That was kind of fun too.

And the last guy was a jerk. But the pick-up guy’s reaction was priceless.


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  • Butch1


  • Cute, though the times he approached guys with women or other guys (especially the old guy with his wife) was really weird. Not sure what that part was gonna prove.

  • dcinsider

    Wish I could like this a hundred times.

  • Butch1

    That fool had his nerve to spout about “I’m from Africa” crap. Well buster, you’re in America now and you don’t get to arrest and imprison and murder gays here anymore, so cut your homophobic language or go home. I personally do not care if you’re from Africa or not. You will act differently here or keep your mouth shut and learn how to respond appropriately when something like this happens.

  • Butch1

    The one in the chair takes the cake. “I ain’t queer!” “Fuckin’ Fa**0T” Just beaming with intelligence. I guess he hasn’t learned how to say, “No” in a nice way. I would guess if he weren’t disabled he would have possibly attacked him by the attitude he had.

  • Buford

    Top Gear already did it… with horrifying results… not kidding:


  • 2patricius2

    I was wondering the same thing.

  • Julien Pierre

    Don’t they have, like, guns in Texas ? I would be afraid to try it there.

  • Olterigo

    What I don’t get is if it really is Sodom and Gomorrah, what is he still doing there? Surely, with marriage equality fire and brimstone must be imminent. Is he expecting god to send 2 personal angels just for him in the nick of time? Yet for some reason he’s still there.

  • UncleBucky

    How close is this to the somewhat pleasurable experience of getting carded for buying alcohol? :D

  • UncleBucky


  • UncleBucky

    A date is what? Movie? Drinks? Dinner? Conversation? Who’s paying? And after? Does that mean it must mean anything close to sex? Hahahaha! I would like to see this same survey done in more gay-friendly states or countries (California is NOT gay-friendly overall, just barely.) So that this feller may not have hit the best places where straight guys would actually consider a date, albeit without sex, to be a positive.

    Very clever!

  • Indigo

    I felt sorry for the African guy though, he was sadly clueless.

  • Tone

    Insincerity becomes YouTube.

  • AnthonyLook

    That was funnier that I thought it would be. It demonstrates an evolution of several degrees of tolerance. It was California though. It was interesting that it appears most assume sex is implicated; it could mean just a free drinks, dinner and a movie. No is still no. Very funny stuff.

  • basenjilover

    I don’t get it and don’t find it humorous at all. What was the point of this?

  • Yeah, I was just wondering what the result would be here in Texas.

  • dcinsider

    That was fun. Now let’s do it in Alabama!

  • chr477

    Fishing….trolling….why not both?

  • I’d be really pissed if he asked me on a date and didn’t’ follow through after I said yes.

  • Indigo

    Cute concept. It could work.

  • goulo

    Interesting, but a strange sort of social experiment. Regardless of the same-sex aspect, it seems to ask some much older stranger for a date when their spouse is standing right there.

    It’s also sort of weird to ask a random stranger you just happen to see walking by for their phone number. (These little scenes could all appear with a totally different context/agenda as a film about privacy and how people give up personal info on the web more unthinkingly than in real life… indeed I’ve seen such films where someone pretended to “be Facebook” and ask random strangers for their phone number, name, list of their friends, etc, with most people unsurprisingly declining to give the requested information.)

  • What I would say is “No, I’ve never been on a date, nor do I ever intend to be on one. Besides, I’m a misogamist (which means more in California).”

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