So I got trapped in the bathroom by my nephew’s demon-cat

So, my nephew’s demon-cat trapped me in the bathroom Sunday night for nearly half an hour.

It’s been a fun 24 hours at the Aravosis zoo.

It all started with me visiting mom for Easter, and she’s taking care of my nephew’s cat for the next month.

Demon Cat

Famous mom quotes: “I know you’re allergic to cats. I’ve had her litter box and her cage in your bedroom for a few weeks, it won’t bother your asthma having her here will it?

Ah, mothers.

The thing is, my cat allergies aren’t too bad, and they’ve gotten better as I’ve been getting allergy shots for over five years now. So, other than the wisdom of putting the litter box in my bedroom, I decided to be down with the cat.

Sadly, the cat did not decide to be down with me.

It started with the cat, nicknamed KC, aka Khaleesi (oh yes, the cat is named Khaleesi), hissing at me throughout our first encounter. Now, I know cats sufficiently well to leave well enough alone when they hiss at you. So I left her alone. About an hour later, I’m trying to go up the stairs and KC decides it’s very important to get in front of me on the steps and stretch out, blocking my way, while hissing.

I did manage to finally get by without losing a leg, only to have KC follow me, pass me, and then get between me and my ten pound Yorkie-Bichon Sasha, who conveniently bouncing out of the bedroom, and was beside herself to encounter a cat. Sasha, god bless her, LOVES cats. The bad news is that Sasha’s really only known one cat in her short four years, our neighbor’s case, and that cat pretty much likes dogs. As for KC, not so much.

Sasha was wagging wildly, slowly approaching  mother-of-dragons while KC hissed at her, mouth open, teeth-bared, tail wagging. Sasha wasn’t taking the hint, and kept coming forward, tail ever more excited (remember, in dog-land, a tail wagging is a good thing, in cat-land it means death is imminent – yours, not its).  I yelled at Sasha to stay. She finally figured out something was wrong, and then began to get increasingly upset, backing up slowly, trying to look around the cat to see if there was anyway to get by demon-cat, while giving the most pitiful whine that in Sasha-speak means “Daaaad, I caaaan’t get by!”

Fast forward a few hours, when I encounter KC in my dad’s office. The cat’s been following me around, and I suspect she does really want to get to know me, so I stop, the cat comes up, rubs against my leg and then hisses at me. Hmm, still somewhat disconcerting. So I lower my hand carefully, the cat nuzzled my hand with her muzzle, and then gives me a massive hiss while still nuzzling my hand.

Hmm, this still doesn’t seem to be going well. So I walk away.

Fast forward to 4am. I get up to go the bathroom, come back, and who’s come up to the stop of the stairs to hiss at me? Yep, the blond devil. I manage to make my way into the bedroom, and then we come to the next evening, around 1130pm, when I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

Trapped by Demon-Cat

KC decided to come to the bathroom and plop herself down in front of the door while I flossed and brushed my teeth Sunday night.


I thought it was a bit strange, but figured maybe KC was finally finally warming up to me. Then her mood started to change, including her tail moving, a lot in that flicky way cats do before pouncing. Oh yeah, and she started hissing.

And whoever on Facebook suggested trying to stare the cat down – yeah, not so much.


Every time I moved towards the door she’d hiss again, yet not move away. I texted my nephew: “Still hissing and still stalking me. I go into bathroom, cat came out of hiding to block me and hiss.”

Oh, let me just share the texts, shall we?



At this point, I send Anthony a video of her hissing all the more as I approach her.

Anthony says she won’t attack, so I take a video and go for it – Anthony lost that bet.


In the meantime, the cat is doing this upside down stretchy thing that, as far as I know, constitutes flirting for cats.  Yeah, flirting with a hiss.






Yes, the cat fell asleep on guard duty:




cat-7Yes, dragon-cat was about to get a dose of saline solution when the pipes gurgled, and apparently noisy water pipes are a lot scarier than I.


In the meantime, where was my little watchdog doing while her daddy was being accosted by demon-cat? Waiting for Game of Thrones.


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